Thursday, October 13, 2011

You win some, You lose some

I always say, you need to blog, to myself. I say it everyday. I am writing this on the laptop and I keep doing little iPhone-related things on here that don't work the same and it shows that I have now taken a break from the computer, but I need it back so I can pay the bills. More writing about us, my memories, our wonderful son, and less looking at Pinterest (Friday night activity-wooo!) And more recipes and less Facebook. More scrapbooking and less saving millions of pictures that take up space on my hard drive.

This month we've and will:
~Spent time in Utah
~Frantically tried to clean every surface in the house while unpacking/taking care of a sick child and now having a car to use and not even using it... sigh... anyway that's because!:
~My little (23) brother Jay, is coming to stay with us tonight through Sunday. He is driving down from Utah. We are very excited. My sister and her children are on vacation till Saturday, so my son will get Uncle Jay all to himself for one whole day.
~The next weekend is my 10 year high school reunion. I still have not purchased my tickets..
~Then of course my mom's annual Halloween party and then Halloween, which is also Jason's sister Jessica's birthday. And Jason's older brother's birthday is thi
s week. I wish I had sent cards but instead they'll get iPhone greetings.
~After all this of course I will be starting a huge clean since it will be finally cooling down and I will need to sanitize everything in the house so that we don't get sick again around Thanksgiving or Christmas.
And with that I'll end. Happy Autumn!

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Audrey Crisp said...

I need to spend less time on Pinterest. Haha! Sounds like you have some fun stuff coming!