Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1. My boys-my little family-Jason and Griffin
They mean the world to me. We have so much fun.
2. My Sister-in-Law, Jesica
She's an awesome auntie and a great friend to have around.
3. Griffin (3.5) and Jaxon (7mo)
These two have a brother-like bond that is undeniable. I love that Griffin is learning more about babies and it's clear that Jaxon idolizes Griffin. He just watches Griffin play happily.
4. Jaxon Asay
Everyone in our house loves the baby. As you may know, I want another baby so badly! But, right now I get to watch Jaxon 4 or 5 nights a week whole his Mama works. It wears me out sometimes, but I love love it.

5. Recycling, extra money
Well, I wasn't feeling very thankful when my recycling can disappeared because I had recycling coming out my ears for a week. But, my trash reveals that we live nicely. Bottled water, Sprite, Pasta Roni, beer-I should be more thankful. ..........

... And these everyday type messes--love em too. It reminds me I'm surrounded by love.


Dave said...

I love your Hello Kitty toaster! Cute pictures of you guys. I miss you!

tiburon said...

I have missed you!

I am thankful for a post :)