Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Alive!

I am in Doha, Qatar right now (Google it) and having a wonderful time with my bestie Lyssa and her husband and adorable son. I will have A LOT to write about when I get home and I am very much looking forward to writing it because I am having a great time and I want everyone to know it!! And all of the interesting things I have seen and done and eaten! I am not keeping up with anything internet related. I have read maybe 2 blog posts from other bloggers, and I do try to read facebook daily, but I am not bored enough to sit and read and comment on it all. I will be home (in Phoenix) around June 7th, but until then I am on a break!
And yes, I miss my son and my husband terribly. I try to talk to them every day. I am constantly calling my friend's son Griffin, instead of Christian and I must say that I miss him soo bad, but I think this kind of break is good for the both of us. He is in good hands, and so am I.
Also, I turned back on my comment word verification because almost the moment that I turned it off, I got Chinese spam. If you don't like, I apologize.
Till next time!

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Tell me of your adventures!