Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Griffin in our getting-green backyard

Mother's Day was nice this year. Jason is so sweet to me (on this day :) We went out the night before with one of my good friends Courtney. This was part of the Mother's Day package because Jason doesn't really care for going out. He's a stay-in kind of guy, unless it's going to a movie or a baseball game. He doesn't really like clubs. Every once in a while he will want to go to a bar to hang out, but he prefers that the music be low enough that we can hear each other talk. I must admit that I am growing out of this club thing too. But my friend Courtney really likes to go out and she REALLY likes to dance, so to be a good friend to her, I oblige and get fancied up and let my Mom take Griffin for the night (since that is what she really wants anyway). I'm not keen on cover charges (ugh) and I'm really annoyed with how far away everything is from us usually because no one likes being the DD and it just sucks. So we decided to try out a new-ish club called Airia at a hotel and casino called Wild Horse Pass that is near our home. The cover charge was $10 (!!!) and the place was rather small. And the music was rather...just okay. But we danced the night away and got a cab home for $40. Not bad, but I would have rather just gone to the local watering hole, but hey at least we know now. Courtney spent the night, but she left before I could wish her a happy Mother's Day, alas she was eager to get home to her little boy. But since we had gone to bed at about 4am (that was rough for Jason, poor guy) I ended up sleeping in till 12:30!!! It was wonderful. I felt a little guilty but Griffin was not home yet, so it seemed okay to me.
My brunch that Jason made

Griffin got home shortly after I woke up and he immediately went down for a nap. Jason asked me what I wanted for breakfast (brunch) and I requested cheesy hashbrowns, a grapefruit, and a Mimosa. He did not disappoint. In fact when he was at the store picking up the ingredients, he also picked me up a Starbucks coffee and some donuts for us. Mmmmm! After brunch, Jason had to go into work for a little bit, so I just vegged while Grif was napping. When he woke up we played in the backyard. We recently planted grass, and it has been getting very long. The sprinklers had just gone off, so Griffin and I walked around in the grass barefoot. It was a tad bit windy, but that made it sooo nice outside. Jason came home with paint brushes for us so we could paint the bird house he recently made for Griffin. I requested a bright red to paint it, and it turned out really cute. Still not finished, but coming along awesome for a spontaneous project.

Griffin and I frolicking in the muddy grass

Griffin eagerly jumping out of Jason's arm with a paintbrush

Then that night Jason took me out to dinner. I was not expecting this treat, so I was delighted when he said he wanted to go where ever I wanted (within budget of course). I wanted to try out a restaurant in our small town that we have never been to, but they were closed, so since we had to drive to pick up our truck anyway (at the casino from the previous night), we decided to go into the city and eat at Carraba's. I must say that the food was just okay. But Griffin was an angel and he ate all of his cheese ravioli and it was a great end to the evening.

There was a few traditional things missing from my day. Jason did not get me flowers or a card. This doesn't really bother me at all though. He is very thoughtful in other areas (food, go figure) and I understand that he would rather spend money on a nice dinner. That is perfectly fine with me. Plus, my step-dad got me a really awesome card and an iTunes gift card too! I also did not get to spend the day with my own mom, or my sister, like I originally thought was going to happen. But we had a really quiet day, filled with lots of love and appreciation, so I am very content with it. I hope you had a good Mother's Day too. Mamas (and Daddies too) really deserve the recognition.

I took this picture around midnight before I went to bed. My sweet baby who makes me a Mother.

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