Tuesday, December 1, 2009


(Ryan, Joel, Jason, Nick, Griffin, Jessica, Me, Raeleen and Blake with our crowns on at dinner)

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was good this year...for everyone else. I was terribly sick on Turkey Day and the whole week, so I pretty much just wanted to die the whole time. It was horrible. I was feeling so nauseous, that was the worst part. I was nauseous, had a headache, sore throat, body aches and pains, a fever, a horrible cough, throwing up, other potty issues and every day I woke up with a new symptom. Finally Thanksgiving night, I gave up and called the doctor. Of course she said I needed to come in the next day. It wouldn't have been a problem except we don't have any health insurance till mid-December. I went anyway. She told me I had Bronchitis. She gave me cough syrup with an ingredient to ease my nausea..success! She also gave me an inhaler and antibiotics. I am feeling back to normal now. The only problem is that I still have zero appetite, which makes me feel really lethargic since I literally have not been eating at all. I am SO SO glad to be almost over it though. It was the worst sick I have been as an adult.

So all that being said, I am actually pretty glad that I got sick over Thanksgiving. My mom helped me out ginormously in the days before my in-laws got here. My mom cleaned my whole house for me. I could not lift a finger. I spent most of the week in bed, so luckily Jason's siblings were here to keep Griffin busy and entertained. I was able to come downstairs for about an hour on Thanksgiving to greet my family and try to eat. My family came over to my house and I could barely stay in the room. We had 18 people here in all for a couple of hours. I am so happy that they came, even though I didn't get to see them a whole lot. The food looked great. The dining room looked awesome. And I thought it turned out nicely. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.

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Audrey {+} John said...

Man that sucks girl! Sorry your Thanksgiving was sucky. glad you're feeling much better now!