Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. My Car
Okay, so my car is pretty ghetto right now. It needs some minor work done and it just hasn't been a priority around here what with bills piling up and all. But it is seriously in need of help. Firstly, I have to disconnect the battery whenever I stop the car and re-connect when I plan on driving it, otherwise the battery drains and I have to jump it. That isn't so bad since I don't have one of those fancy key fobs that locks your car from a distance, so I have to manually do it anyway, but it still kind of sucks. Then the squeal. Oh, the squeal. The squeal happens when I turn my car on or when I am turning. It is REALLY loud, so watch out. It's VERY embarrassing also. My whole cul-de-sac knows when I am leaving my house and they stare. The stares are the worst. The grocery store is a freakin free for all. There is always people everywhere and I have to do a lot of turning to get out of the parking lot, so there is a lot of staring going down. I nearly knocked a lady right off of her bike as I was turning the corner today in the neighborhood. But it was because she had to hurriedly look behind her to see where that awful squeal was coming from. Little kids and adults alike feel the need to cover their ears and scrunch their faces. However, I am thankful for it. It's not the prettiest, it could use a good detailing, but it gets great gas mileage and the a.c. is divine! Living in Phoenix, you need a good a.c. and this one is awesome. It blows hard when it's on high and when it's on low, it blows softly. Perfect. We live far from the city and gas goes goes goes when we travel back and forth. Jason's truck has nothing on my Altima. It's a '97 and I love it! Plus, it's PAID OFF!

2. Fruit
My son is a fruit head. "Orens, Appos, and Nanas" have Griffin's heart. And he chooses them over donuts (for now). My husband and I also happen to love fruit. I make Jason a lunch everyday and he HAS to have his fruit. And I think it's a good alternative to candy-which really helps my diet for sure!

oKay, well, my list is being cut short..I suddenly am very busy, but mostly I am thankful for family and all the love that comes with it! Next week all of my in-laws will be here and I am very excited! But that also means I need to clean this house from top to bottom and everything in between, worth it though!

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Audrey {+} John said...

good luck cleaning. good list of thankfuls.