Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I need a good thankful list, because I have been feeling less than thankful this week.

1. Thankful for my Mac laptop. I love this thing.
2. Thankful for Tillamook pepper jack cheese, even though it's quite pricey (and Triscuits to pair it with).
3. Thankful that even though it's way too hot for November, I don't have to worry about myself or others driving in snow.
4. Thankful for the jobs my husband has even though he is gone 70 hours a week and we still have a hard time making ends meet.
5. Thankful for certain friends who don't expect much from me, since lately I have felt like I am doing everything wrong.
6. Thankful that my in-laws will be here for Thanksgiving and they are fun to be around.
7. Thankful that my toddler still takes 3 hour long naps so I can get stuff done at a decent pace.
8. Thankful for Zero Carb Rockstar.


Audrey {+} John said...

That is nice that you do Thankful Thursdays. I love mac laptops too. although mine is ancient! hahah...Yeah for not having to drive in the snow!! have a great weekend!

Tanika_Lee said...

i LOVE you. the. end.

tiburon said...

Super great list!

Rockstar over Monster? Really?