Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Cuties

From the wonderful website of dooce, I bring you the cutest (immobile) baby I saw in a Halloween costume:

I didn't see a lot of babies this year. I saw toddlers (in
cluding my own) and some of them I must say were absolutely adorable too. However, the neighbors came by real quick and they have a new one, a little boy about 4 months old, and he was strapped to the front of his Dad. He was wearing a costume similar to the one Marlo wears above, but it was in pastel colors. He looked pretty darn cute too, but his mood wasn't matching the cuteness and we only saw them for like 2 minutes and I was on the phone at the same time with my sister-in-law wishing her a Happy Birthday. So, I'm not counting out all of the cute babies out there, but when I saw this picture today, I was delighted. Hate dooce if you want, but how is that not one of the cutest things you have ever seen?!
Almost as cute as Griffin as a Tootsie Roll in 2007.
Honorable mentions in the toddler category are:
(well this first one is mine, Griffin this year as Buzz Lightyear or in his words Robot Airplane)
Stella from The Sallay Daily

Ashelyn from The Doan Gang

The Chief from C Jane

And this is Griffin from last year as a bumblebee
Hope you all had a happy Halloween


Ben and Kathy said...

I love the costumes! My kids were sick this year, so they didn't get to go trick & treating. James did go to a couple of houses with daddy.
My kids were...(wait for it).... Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and a Monkey or a lost boy. Remember the disney peter pan's lost boys are dressed up in animal costumes.

Audrey {+} John said...

cute! Great costumes!

Misty @ The DoanGang said...

Oh hooray! Thanks for sharing Ashelyn's! It looks like Griffin had the same costume last year that Gideon had THIS year. Good taste my dear!

Brooke said...

hey how is everything going? it's been a long time! funny how the blogging world lets you reconnect with people ;)

tiburon said...

Oh that caterpillar is he cutest! I loved the years that Millie and Lulu were sharks :)