Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot, Humid and Heaven

The beach house in all it's glory
Griff and Papa on the beach, just moments from the beach house
You know what that is, a beee-uuuu-ti-full sunset
Emily and her Connor last year in San Diego

Well tomorrow we embark on another family trip to San Diego. It's a tradition now. We almost missed it, but we just can't! I just wish that I had already been there all week. I know it's rude to go to the beach with your husband's family without your actual husband there because he has to work....but I do not have to work! Haha! Anyway, I am happy to be coming this weekend when there won't be a lot of people around, but I was looking forward to seeing the Barham's a.k.a Emily's family and her husband Wes and their darling children. Last weekend, her family came to San Diego to spread her ashes. I thought it was most proper, seeing as though she loved the place, and very bittersweet, I bet.
Tomorrow Griffin and I are going to drive to Bullhead City first and meet up with Jason, then on to Mission Beach. That means we'll be going a different way, which is exciting. Also, I am lame, and I have never driven that far before by myself. It's about 4 hours to Bullhead, but I'll probably make it in around 5 or so. (;  I'm just happy that we'll probably make it to the beach house before the sun sets. It's the best to watch the sun set on the beach. It will probably be very humid and sticky and sweaty and hot like it usually is in August, so that's another reason why I'll be happy there won't be a lot of people around since I won't want to make myself look good since it's pretty much a waste of time what with all that damn humidity. I'll probably spend the whole entire time besides nap time at the beach, where I can feel the cool breeze. It doesn't hurt that the beach is heavenly: Griffin playing in the sand, the waves right there and the laid back atmosphere. It's safe to say I'm excited. And I'm also very happy to see my in-laws and for them to see Griffin. It will probably be like it always is which is grand.  

Happy Weekend! 


tiburon said...

Have so much fun!!!

Ben and Kathy said...

It's great that you get along great with your in-laws.

Tanika_Lee said...

it looks like you had an awesome time :)