Monday, June 22, 2009

For Emily Buck

Well, every day or so, I check my blog out to see the FEEDJIT thingy that tracks who comes to see my blog, where they came from and what they searched. It has occurred to me that almost every day, at least one person is directed to my blog after doing a search for Emily. And the post they get directed to is For Emily, that I wrote right after her accident. And I think it just doesn't do her justice. That post isn't about her really. I don't even know her that well, but I think if anyone is going to come to my blog to read about her, after Googling her, then they should see a lot more. I don't want to call this a tribute, but it is. She is still fighting. Here is the latest update on her:

Wes, Mom and I went a saw Em together today and she is still fighting so hard! She was moving alot when the bed would move, or when Mom would touch her feet. Her whole body. The nurse also said she is getting reflex movements from her hands now too. She is still breathing on the ventilator and is not over breathing it anymore like she was last week. They are going to start weening her off again soon, as much as she can tolerate.
Still no positive neuro signs though. Dammit! Her eyes will open but not focus on anything, or look at you when you tell her too. We all really need to pray for a miracle for Emily. For her to become more alert, aware and responsive. To give us some kind sign that she is still there. This is the most horrible thing that could ever happen and I cant believe how much harder it keeps getting. Please continue to pray for her recovery....for that miracle......thank you and I love you all so much.

So for those of you out there who need another glimpse into her life, I am doing my best to showcase her to the best of my knowledge. I think about her and her family each and every day. All I can do is keep her in my thoughts and ask for prayers from people who really believe in the power of prayer. There are many people out there who care for their kids and their family and friends like none other and live life to the fullest each day, and Emily is one of those people. Upon meeting her, you'll never forget how kind she was. 
Here is some quotes and blogs from her MySpace (she loves updating her MySpace)

"God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life" John 3:1

"There is nothing better than keeping in touch with freinds and family. Life is so busy and it can be hard to keep in contact but it is so important! Love you all!!"

Life is what you make it. When you wake up each morning and have a negative outlook, your day is going to end up negative. You need to look around you and see that you have many people that love you. Most importantly you have GOD who loves you!! =) When you have a positive outlook on life, your life will become more and more fullfilling!!!! Thats all, just wanted to share some thoughts!!!

To all my freinds...  Be thankfull, and Be Happy!!! =) LUVS YA!!!"

"To all my family and freinds. I have learned something today. Never take anyone for granite!!! You never know if you will see them tommorrow. Life is soo short, and we dont spend enough time telling the ones we love how we feel!! Please everyone call your parents everyday and tell them how much you love them and how much you NEED them. Call your freinds, family and siblings and tell them the same. I know life is busy but we need to not look over the little things that matter the most, and that is the ones we love!!! God has mysterious timing and you never know what tommorrow will bring!!"


And now some pictures of Emily

I took this one last summer in San Diego. I love how happy they all look.
Super mom! 
We dropped her off at the airport and she had to sit on the floor of the minivan, but she was all smiles!
Emily and her sister, Sara
Emily and her siblings, Cody, Robby and Sara
Emily and her husband Wes
Em and her kids, Connor and Caitlyn
Family pictures
They are both so cute
I don't even know of that is her dog, but I like this picture
Emily as a child
Emily and Wes
Sara and Emily
Giving kisses to Connor
Robby and Emily, I know they are best buds

Emily, if you ever read this, I hope you know that you put a smile on everyone's face. And if members of her family or friends are reading this, I hope I did a good job representing her, for I only want to make people smile too. 

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