Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

For this post I'm going to mesh in what I am thankful for with what I have been up to.

1. Family and Friends
That's a vague title, so what I really mean by that is for the past two weeks I have been crashing anywhere but my own place. Kind of. Jason has been working out of town for the past 4 weeks. He leaves on Sunday night and comes home Thursday afternoon. During this time, I have been sleeping at either: my mom's, my sister's, or once I slept at my friend's house. The reason for this is because I'm too scared to sleep at home alone. I know, it's terribly immature, but I just can't do it. I'm too paranoid. I'm convinced that someone will know I'm there alone and will attack me just because of how vulnerable I am. You know, bad things happen in this world, and I won't risk them happening to me or (gasp!) my son. I know, it's pathetic. ANY TIPS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.  

2. Technology
I'm often thankful for this. See, right now, my mom is in Malaysia. She has been gone for 9 days. First she flew to Philippines for a couple of days and then to Malaysia. I miss her terribly. I think most of the reason why I am so sad she is gone is because A.) She is on the other side of the world and that makes me quite nervous and B.) Jason is gone too. Her company made her Blackberry compatible for international use, but she knows it's pretty expensive and doesn't take too much advantage of it. So this whole time she has been gone I have talked to her maybe 4 times. That's saying a lot for someone like me who talks to my mom at least once a day and when a day comes that we don't talk, she calls me a stranger. She comes home tomorrow!!!!!!

3. Weather
Today is a cloudy day in Phoenix. It probably won't last, but I'm enjoying it while it's here. The weather has been somewhat mild so far (comparatively speaking) and this is the calm before the storm and by storm I mean extreme heat wave. If not for cloudy days, I would be miserable. After all, I won't leave Arizona, because of number one. 

4. Being positive
Lately I have been feeling less than stellar. I have switched anxiety medications and it's been different, my feet have been killing me, I'm an emotional wreck at times, and I feel like I'm constantly battling some pain or condition on my body. But I would like to say that I do look on the bright side. I realize I am lucky because I have a doctor who has prescribed me medication to help me not panic, I have feet and therefore I can walk and run and play, being emotional means that I am not numb, and battling a pain means that I am able to feel what's going on inside my body all by myself. Even though at times I feel like I do- I don't need a team of doctors telling me if I am going to live today, or what I can't do. {I'm trying.} 

This list was kind of lame this week. But I am feeling a bit blue. Seriously though, if you have any tips on staying home alone, it would be much appreciated. I miss my house terribly. 

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