Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jamaica Ct Style

On a much happier note, I'm pleased to announce we are going to San Diego for sure this week. It was only going to be the weekend, but then my sister and my mom got their act together and are going too, so we are leaving on Thursday morning. My step-dad, Chris, left this morning and is staying in a hotel till Friday for business. Then on Thursday I'm leaving with my sister, Kelly, my mom, my two nephews and my son. Jason is currently working in Bullhead City/Laughlin, so he will leave Thursday after work and go straight to San Diego. I'm so excited! We are staying in the infamous beach house that my in-law's own and rent out and I am so excited to see them again. We are so lucky that we get to see my husband's family quite often and the main reason is because they love to travel and they love being around their kids, and it does help that we have their only grand baby. 

I am just going to take a moment to brag about the beach house. It's in Mission Beach, a block away from Belmont Park (the roller coaster, etc). It is not located directly on the boardwalk, but about 4 or 5 houses down, still only about 3 minute walk to the beach depending on the person walking. I prefer it this way because the beach can get quite loud, both day and night, and you can either walk one way across to to the bay-which is great for quiet walks and watching the fireworks from Sea World-or just walk down to the beach or you can walk to many great restaurants, cafes, and the corner market. 
The house is a two story and each level has it's own kitchen and living room. The top level has a huge master bedroom where they keep two queen beds and they even have a small room inside of the master with a twin bed and two walk -in closets and of course a bath. Also on the top level is two other rooms and a bathroom and it's own exit in the front and the back, so you can go out the front way without disturbing the peeps down below. The bottom level has two rooms, one with it's own bath and entry, and a full bath. Also there is a garage with a washer and dryer which is the best. The house also has a decent front yard where everyone hangs out. 
So anyway, I hope you guys have a great weekend, I fully intend to! 


Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

I love San diego!! That house sounds great!! Have fun chica!!

Lyssa said...

Oh I'm so jealous. I wish I could go with you guys. Have fun!

Kelly Mae said...

I'm so excited. I just can't hide it.