Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. My Mom
I know it seems like I am always thankful for the same peoples but what can ya do? I stay at my mom's house when Jason is gone during the week. She bathes my son, and feeds him and sometimes she even puts him to sleep. I don't beg her to do it for me, she asks me if she can do it. What I love most about it is that she wants to do it. It is a pleasure for her. She'd be hurt if I stingily said no, because I get to do it all the time. And that makes me thankful for her some more.

2. My Sister
Ahhhhhh my seester. At least once a week we go over to her house for dinner. She is a GREAT cook and she is always trying to make everyone happy. She tries to customize each person's dish as best she can. And she never disappoints. I feel like Mrs. Lazy over there because I hardly help. She is kind of anal about the way her dishes are done and such (just sayin) so the best thing I can do is watch her boys and play with them. And I'd love to do just that. 

3. Courtney Crooke
My good friend Courtney took me out on Saturday night to dinner because she said I needed a break. It was her treat. We went to Teakwoods and ordered very unhealthy appetizers such as curly fries and mozzarella sticks. Then she came back to my house and spent the night. She drives out to my house all the time to hang out with me because Jason doesn't like it when I leave him alone and it's not a short drive I tell ya. She even practically made all of breakfast the next day for us. I'm not big on breakfast but Jason totally is, so she fried him up some steak for his eggs and potatoes. I would have never thought of that. And she is just really good at being a friend. 

4. Employment
I have been offered three jobs now. I really really really really don't want to go back to work whatsoever, but I have to. Gots to make ends meet. So at least I get to kind of choose. Kind of. (Trying to be thankful). 

Thankful Thursday is over in one hour, and it may already be over for some of you. But I urge you to be thankful everyday, I know it can be hard, but surely there is someone out there who is worse off. I have been having a rough month, but I try to look at the bright side every day. It usually works. 


Kelly Mae said...

I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!!! Notice how that was in all caps? And the extra exclamation points? Because I totally mean it. I am thankful for you so much. Love you sister!

tiburon said...

Such a great list! 3 jobs is AMAZING!

Hooray for being thankful :)