Friday, May 29, 2009


Maybe if you want, you could take a few seconds, click here, and vote for Shark Bait as blog of the month on Mormon Mommy Blogs. The poll is on the right. Tiburon, of Shark Bait, said she would kiss your hand and shake your baby if you do this for her. (:    
She writes a great blog and if you don't currently read it, you should take a look. There is sure to be a post among her thousand(s) to fit your liking. And anyway, I think she deserves it. 
And that is all. 


Ben and Kathy said...

Just got voting for Shark Bait. Sad story about her bike accident. No I didn't laugh. Sounds like something I would do right now because I'm "trying" to get back into shape after 3 kids.

Tanika Lee said...

i went ahead and voted for her! Mindi on Word to your Mother told me to too so I figured I had to! lol

tiburon said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!
You rock the hizzouse :)