Friday, May 22, 2009

A Letter to Avent

Dear Avent,

I would just like to let you and others know that I am very dissatisfied with your Magic Trainer non-spill cup (aka sippy). I thought it would a be a great idea so we bought a cup and four or five spouts. I thought it would be awesome, considering your awesome reputation, and the fact that we have been using Avent bottles for almost two years now. How cool would that be to transform the bottles we already have into sippy cups instantly? And we can add a handle or take the handle off. Genius! However, the dream was destroyed the very first time we tried out the Magic Cup. It leaked horribly. SoI tried re-positioning it, tried a different cup, then a bottle, then a different bottle, all to no luck. The Magic is gone, in fact it was never there. How can I give my child a non-spill cup that leaks everywhere? How am I going to get him to switch from "bahbah" to big boy cup if is favorite one is one that leaks? And I'm not talking small drippage, this is full-on big drops of liquid leaking out. Better luck next time! For now I suppose I will stick with some other brand. Hope all of my spouts are recyclable! 

Regan Golding


Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

hahah! that sucks girl! too bad

Tanika Lee said...

thats right reg! you tell em!