Monday, March 16, 2009

Ostrich Festival

We went to the Ostrich Festival at Tumbleweed Park on Saturday evening. I thought the whole thing was entirely over-priced. It cost $5 per car to park, $9 per adult to get in, then $1 a ticket for rides and most rides were three tickets. !!!! Too much money! Thankfully, Griffin was free, but I doubt he was too thrilled because most of the rides he couldn't go on without an adult, and that means double the tickets. But we ended up buying 9 tickets from some guy for 5 bucks so that was better. We went on the choo choo and some little dragon ride. I loved it because I'm a wuss and I love kiddie rides and now I have someone to take! We then decided to visit the Petting Zoo which was about the only free thing there. And much to my disgust, I walked through, but it was my mom that let the water buffalo eat off of her hand. It was gross. Then we fed the goats and they cracked us up by eating the food cup as well as the food in it. We ended up just walking around then leaving early and eating dinner at Chili's. That was fun because my mom and Chris almost always get take-out and we never sit down and eat together really. We got home at 9 and called it a night. 

Ostriches at their finest?
While we were staring at the strange birds, my mom brought up an interesting tid bit. All of a sudden she goes "You know, they kinda look like Ashlee Simpson, don't ya think?" It made me laugh sure, but I had to agree. It may be just us, but I do think there is a resemblance. It's not a bad thing, I'm not dissing Ashlee Simpson, but I wish I had a pic of her with her with a no-teeth smile and short, fuzzy hair. Oh by the way, I loved watching the ostriches, they were so interesting to me!

Griffin on a pony ride with Daddy. It was adorable. I kept getting sidetracked though because there was another little boy named Griffin riding and his parents kept yelling his name to get him to look at the camera. 
    The End!

P.S. Yes, they did sell ostrich burgers there. GROSS.

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