Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's Go Dodgers, Let's Go!

Yesterday we went to a Spring Training game. Dodgers vs. Rockies.  We were thrilled. We always go to Spring Training games, but since today is Jason's Birthday we had to go this weekend. We went to the new stadium in Glendale. My mom bought the tickets for his present and they were great. We brought our little guy and he did awesome so overall it was fun except: 

 *It was pretty warm outside and I wished I hadn't wore jeans
 *The Dodgers did pretty bad
 * We did get to see Manny but he was only at bat once
 *It's really expensive to get any refreshments yet they dangle them in your face
 * We were exhausted afterwards and I had to drive home and I didn't want to (waa waa)
You know we had our Dodger gear on! The folks sitting next to us drove here from L.A. to watch this particular game, so I think the drive to Glendale was reasonable for us. 

The view from our seats

He was pretty good just sitting for a good half hour. Turns out half the time he was carefully spilling every last bit of his snacks all over the ground and the other half creating a dirty diaper. 

Later on, he preferred sitting on the ground and playing/eating his snacks. Thankfully we didn't have many people sitting in our row so he could wander to his heart's desire.

After we got home he (and me) was very pooped so we both took a nap on daddy while he watched TV, with a beer. How nice for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!


Tanika_Lee said...

happy birthday indeed!

tiburon said...

I am SOOO jealous! I would love to go to a spring training game.

As a matter of fact - I am adding that to my life list right now!