Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Blue Donut

I don't really ever bake. So baking is always fun/stressful for me because I just usually wing it. I don't do fancy or complicated, I just do what I want. I saw a cool recipe on the internet for a cool rainbow cake, but I just decided to do it my way. Jason said he wanted me to make him a cake and preferably a rainbow one. That way it will go with St. Patrick's Day too. So I did. Here's how it turned out. 

I just used good ol' Pillsbury. Actually I just used whatever was on sale. We went to the store this morning and spent $1.27 on this box. 

I just decided to use these five colors and not orange. I like purple better.

Then I just poured them in. I put red on top because that's Jason favorite color, but of course it turns out kind of pink when you bake it. 

Griffin would have nothing to do with licking the batter. He actually didn't really want to help at all, just play with the step ladder.

For the frosting, well I googled a drizzle icing to make with powdered sugar, but after I made it I thought it tasted a little weird. Jason actually really likes frosting, so I just used some leftover vanilla frosting that was in the fridge. I food colored it then microwaved it so I could drizzle.

And it turned out like this. Like a giant donut. Homer would be proud. I'll be sure to take a picture after we cut it to see what the insides look like. I hope it's good. I've never been so creative while baking ever. But my husband is worth it. 

It's a good thing my mom's kitchen is stocked with things like a bundt pan, frosting, oil, eggs and food coloring. If it had been my own house, I probably would have spent more at the store. 

Oh and I feel obliged to tell you that I did not drizzle it green on purpose. I always make green cakes for Jason because of St. Patrick's Day. His favorite color is red, but I decided to use blue because it looked cooler to me. 


Ben and Kathy said...

On facebook it didn't look as cool. This is a wonderul idea. I have to try it. Thanks for sharing it.

Tanika_Lee said...

haha i want a piece for sure!

btw--- i changed my background. you can read it now LOL

mostlyprobably said...

Wow! That's a pretty impressive looking cake! You never posted pictures of the inside though?