Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm gonna be pissy for the next 2 minutes

Can I just share with you how annoyed I am right now?! VERY. You know I don't know why everyone thinks that it's the norm for you to have a fax machine in your house. Why would I have one? I don't work from home and I never have. Even when I did work at the bank there would be zero reason for me to have one in my home. Neither does my husband. My step-dad, whom I live with, works from home and he doesn't even have one. But guess what? We do have one. Yeah, it's a little dated, and we don't always have ink, but we have one. Do you know how annoying that machine is???????? If there is something wrong with the cartridges, then it won't fax. What does ink have to do with faxing?? Nada. So in the process of buying this house, I have made countless trips to the UPS store that is conveniently located across the street. My realtor laughed at me when I said I had to go there! And they charge a dollar per page to be faxed and 14 cents to print. I'd rather do that at home but I get punished because I'm not some kind of computer geek. And by the way, I've never bought a house before, so before you get all technical on me and flustered, try and remember that YOU are the professionals, all I want to do is try and BUY MY HOUSE.  I'm trying my best!

And that is all. 

For now. 

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Ben and Kathy said...

Realtors can really be a pain in the butt or great. I know I worked in a real estate office with over 200 realtors.
Usually if someone tells me that I should get something, I reply with "Then you can buy me it and all the accessories too". It usually gets them to shut up.