Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Each His Own Tuesday

I would just like to say that yes I am a vegetarian. I'm not going to go PETA on you if you eat meat. I personally do not care for it. I think the taste is hideous. The texture is gross. I will not eat it in anything. Not gelatin nor broth nor lard. I don't eat fish either. I would rather go hungry. BUT if you wanna eat meat, go for it. I do feed my child meat. But I draw the line at olives. (ha ha) If you want to kiss me, take a drink or brush your teeth first. Please don't make me touch it all that often. And never make me make meatloaf. Meat is terrible, to me, and I just want to make that clear. I take care of myself though, I eat before big events where I think no one will have hardly any vegetarian meals and I do happen to love steak houses because of the yummy sides. But please do not judge me based on my decision. I don't judge you. 


tiburon said...

Good way to handle it.

I don't eat creamed corn - but I certainly won't hate on people that do.

I do make a mean meatloaf though - just.saying.

Ben and Kathy said...

I've heard that steak houses have some of the best salads. I don't like meat that much. Salads are one of my favorites!!!!!! Maybe I should go and make one?
I'm going to judge you... You're judgement is that you're a very beautiful lady and you better not forget it. :)

Tanika_Lee said...

I heart you for being that committed! One time I tried to be but...then I went to a BBQ..

I too like the sides at Steak houses and I sometimes don't like the taste of meat. Like I don't eat anything that comes from a pig...it just makes me...ill really. So I understand where you are coming from and would never judge you for it.

You are my Regan and I heart you :)

Anonymous said...

I tried to go the vegi route once and failed. I love steak. Thank you for not hating me. :)