Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cody June and Conner Joseph

Today my nephews turn six! I cannot believe it! I remember very clearly the night they were born.  My sister had been on bed rest in the hospital for weeks. During that time, I had very little responsibilities. I had school 3 days a week, and on the days I didn't have school, I would sleep on a mattress on the floor of my sister's room. They gave her Ambien to sleep so while she drifted off to sleep at night, I lie awake, listening to the ambulances outside. It was always busy at that hospital.  She had to be at St. Joseph's in downtown Phoenix because it's a "high risk" hospital. Every couple of hours, a nurse would come in and check her vitals. I could tell they were annoyed that they had to navigate around my bed, but I could also tell that they knew I wasn't going anywhere. We spent the days like we had when she was at home: watching reality TV. You know shows like A Baby Story and anything on MTV. One night, I was getting ready to go to bed at home. It was around 10pm. I called Kelly to tell her goodnight. She sounded like normal. The next thing I knew my mom was running into my room, around midnight. "She's going to have the babies!" I remember thinking huh? I just talked to her, she's going to bed! Her blood pressure had shot up, preeclampsia was her enemy. They had to do an emergency C-Section so the boys would not be harmed. When we arrived at the hospital, Jeff's parents Sue and Joe were there and our friend Stacy too. When they took her in, it seemed as if it only took maybe 20 minutes before they brought out the beautiful babies for us to sneak a peak. They were angelic. Their faces looked ultra soft and a soft shade of peachy-white. They had tiny hats on. Their bodies were so tiny. Can you believe that I can't remember exactly how much they weighed? I know they both were at 3 lbs, but I forget the oz. I know Conner was born at 1:50 am and Cody at 1:51 am. They were born at 32 weeks.  March 11th, 2003. 

I have spent so many days with them. Before I had my own baby, I felt so close to Cody and Conner, felt as if they could be mine too. I mean they were my sister's offspring. And my sister and I are very close. It's just us. Our minds are alike, we share a special bond. 

Last Saturday, we celebrated their Birthday. My sister had a party at her house. She rented a fire truck shaped bounce house and a cotton candy maker. She ordered Pizza Mias from Pizza Hut and also had salad and drinks. She invited my friend Courtney and her son Austin, and my friend Afton and her daughter Kelby. It was a nice day. It didn't rain. The kids played and gorged themselves with candy. They had a pinata and cake. It was all Transformers themed.
Here are some pics: 

Seth in the bouncy. Everyone loved the bouncy, it was a hit. 
Jason playing Transformers in the bouncy with Conner
Conner showing me his cotton candy
Cody, Kelly and Griffin, and Mom in the bouncy
My Griff
Cody playing with his new Wall-E
Cody (Optimus Prime) and Conner (Bumblebee) and Austin jumping
Part of the pinata came off and Conner declared it his birthday hat
They can use both of their hands now to say how old they are
Happy Birthday!
Today my darlings are enjoying their Birthday at Disneyland as a family with Kelly, Mike and Seth. It's their first time. They get in free for their birthdays. I am so excited for them! I hope they are having a lovely day! 


Jamilyn said...

Happy Birthday Conner and Cody! I can't believe Bailee will be six in less than six months...SCARY!

Kelly Mae said...

Thank you for the beautiful post Aunt Regan. Your support of me and the boys is greatly appreciated. Love you lots!

tiburon said...

Happy Happy Day!! Looks like tons of fun!