Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

Here is Shia Lebeouf when he was in the Disney t.v. series Even Stevens. I remember watching this show a couple of times and I thought to myself, "Oh my, what a goofy looking kid, and seriously what a dumb show." Then....
He grew up. I told myself I wouldn't say anything about him, about how attractive I think he might be, but I'm just gonna say it: the kid is hot! 
I hear he has a Hollywood attitude, but that's okay because I don't know him. And let's just keep this little secret to ourselves, my husband hates it when I talk celebrity crushes. But come on!

1 comment:

Jamilyn said...

I totally agree!! And, actually...that first picture of him is from the movie "Holes".

But, he was a goober kid...and a HOTTIE now! (even though we may be a little attracted to someone MUCH younger than us!)