Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

My Son, My Handsome Prince

This is what Griffin and I have been up to. He is finally big enough to play at the park and actually play on the equipment. Of course I have to watch him very closely 'cause given the opportunity he would just walk right off the edge. He is beginning to want to go on the slide more than the swing, which I used to have to pry him out of the swing. I have been taking him to Cherry Hill park. Not only do I love that park because I am nostalgic and I went to school at Cherry Hill Elementary, but the park is beautiful. It is so shady. So, of course we couldn't go today because it was so frigid outside. That wouldn't stop Griffin, he loves to play outside, but I had a lack of clean clothes today, so I didn't think extremely holey jeans would be appropriate.
This is also what he likes to do at the park. I think every kid ever likes to do this. 
This weekend we enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery that Provo has to offer us. And of course we watched the Dodgers lose twice. That was some fun stuff. A trip to the liquor store and some quality time with friends and family and said liquor cleared that badness right up.  We had some fun with Jason's cousin Karina (whom I've known my whole life), her husband Jeremy and their almost one year old son, Davien. Griffin and Davien play together well, and it's nice to hang out not only with another couple with a baby, but one that is very close in age to yours. 
Sunday was spent sleeping in (well that was just me actually-thanks Jason) and cleaning. Jason and I also enjoyed brunch alone at Mimi's Cafe. Although I was a little disappointed with their selection. It seems to me that the Mimi's in Chandler has a broader menu. Oh well, we were delighted to eat out.  Now since I have let Griffin lose in our bedroom while I posted this, it's not so tidy anymore, but he is having fun.  Monday has been pretty good this time around, but Jason has yet to come home from work, so hopefully he won't be too tired because he stayed up until 11 last night (I stayed up much later but Griff slept all night AND til 8:30!). And lets all keep our fingers crossed that the Dodgers kick those Phillies' butts!  Or else I will have a major grumpy pants on my hands.

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