Thursday, October 9, 2008


Can you even believe I am updating? It's the first thing I need to do. What happens is I end up looking and playing around on other websites and then when I am finally ready to blog, Griffin wakes up from a nap. Anyway, here goes:
1. My In-Laws
As you know, I live with my in-laws right now. I am very lucky because they are pretty good to me and my little family. This morning, I couldn't have been more tired. I stayed up late last night. Part of it was my fault (laugh attack with Courtney at 12am) and part of it wasn't (Griffin). So, when I headed downstairs, my in-laws were already up. I got Griff a bottle, then sat down. I just outright asked them if I could go upstairs while they eat breakfast and read the newspaper and such before they start their work for the day. I don't usually ask them to watch him, they usually ask me if I need them. But today, I needed them. I knew they were just going to be down there doing the same routine as always- drink coffee, watch FOX news, drink more coffee, read the Daily Herald and the Salt Lake Trib, make breakfast then eat it while watching The Price is Right, and then be on their way up to the office. That could take them up to an hour and a half, so I just did it. And it was grand. When I woke up at 10, my little guy was all smiles for me. 
2. Autumn
Many people I know have been talking about the wonderful fall that is upon us. But I am so so grateful for it because I don't normally get to enjoy it. Up until about 5 months ago, I lived in sunny Chandler, AZ. The seasons there consist of warm, hot and really hot. I love AZ, so I can't complain too much, but I grew up in Utah and I know there is just nothing like that crisp air and that smell, letting you know that Halloween is just around the corner. In the nighttime, Jason and I sleep with our window open. Call me crazy, but I can't get enough of that Autumn air. Then, when I am just about to drift, what do I hear? A train blaring it's whistle and rushing through the tiny city. And still, I think to myself, wow I can really experience this now, and it may the very last time I have so much time to soak it up, so I will. (We are moving back to AZ the end of Nov.)
3. My Sister's Boyfriend
Not too long ago, my sister went through a divorce. It was hard on her, especially since she has two precious little boys caught in the middle. A bit ago she started dating Mike, and I like him a lot. You know why I am especially thankful for him today? Because today, Mike and Kelly are in New York City. He took he there on Tuesday, and if not for his generous attitude, she may have never had this experience. She is happy right now, and she means the world to me, so her I am very thankful for her happiness. 
4. Target
I love Target. It is like my oasis in this city that I was once familiar with but now it's all different, except for Target. When I walk into those automatic doors, it's as if I am in AZ, or San Diego, or anywhere, because it's always the same and inviting. The only problem is that I think I need everything there. Yesterday I was there just to pick up a prescription and milk. But what I saw was: the cutest freakin overall pants for Griffin ($16 dollars too many), fall accents for your bathroom and kitchen and house ('cause I have a house-yeah right), and omg (yes I say omg) the Halloween decor was to die for! They had it all!!!!!! I held back though. The only thing I did splurge on was a package of Amy's Kitchen mini bean and cheese burritos. Target usually doesn't have as large of a selection as a normal grocery store, but I will give them props on their Vegetarian freezer section. It is chock full of Amy's Kitchen frozen items that I never see anywhere else. I love that Amy's Kitchen. It is all natural and vegetarian or vegan, which is awesome for me. But it can be pricey so that's why I say splurged. Target, I do realize you're all the way on Center St. in Orem, but I'll make that trek any day to see your beautiful redness. 
5. Carbs
Carbs-I live off of them. I know I should eat them in moderation, but most times they are just what I am looking for. I love you Simply Asian noodles that cook in 2 minutes, I love you Kraft Deluxe Sun Dried Tomato Basil Parmesan pasta, I love you Velveeta Shells and Cheese, I love you spaghetti. I love food, especially carbs. Without them, I may never feel full. And feeling full is a great feeling, which I am also grateful for, that I can eat almost anything I want (at home of course) and whenever I want without breaking the bank. Some families cannot afford even Velveeta. I can, and so I am thankful. 


Jamilyn said...

YAY!! You posted!! I am in complete shock right now...I think I may have just suffered some small heart attack or something! lol

Kelly Mae said...

Awww, you are so cute. I am very thankful for my boyfriend too! Love you Regan!