Friday, August 8, 2008

I Dink I am a Wittle Bit Sick

Isn't it kind of weird when you get a cold in the summer? It is to me. Even after living in the warm climate of Arizona for 12 years, I still feel weird getting sick in August. I am sick today. I started feeling it yesterday and then it kicked in around 8 PM last night. I took Nyquil and let my mother-in-law take care of Griffin. I was sad not to be able to see him all morning (when I woke up, he was napping) but I am also glad because I still feel like crap. 
I am supposed to go see A Midsummer Night's Dream tonight at Sundance with the family, but I might have to stay home. It's sad because we have been planning it for a while and I know Raeleen (my M-I-L) really wants to go. Hopefully I can get some good medicine and go. Still, I know I will be entertaining Griffin the whole time anyway, but oh well, I really would like to go up to Sundance. My father-in-law even wants to stop at a good bar and grill afterwards for drinks. I was looking forward to that, so hopefully it will still be a good time. 
Being sick, though, is a good excuse to get out the extended family bbq that's going down tomorrow evening. I would want to go, but Lyssa's baby shower is tomorrow afternoon, and I'd rather save up all of my energy for that instead. Time to go baby shopping!

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