Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Gag Me Show

Are these people serious? I think not. Maybe it's just me, but The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet bugs the crap out of me. I don't know why my in-laws watch it. Wouldn't they rather something normal like the Today show? I don't think they even watch it really, it's just something to have on the t.v. because the t.v. always has to be on in this house. Anyway, back to this show. I just get the feeling that these two hosts are not serious about journalism at all. It is clear that someone writes them a script, has them memorize it, and shows some cue cards, but most what is most important is how they look. Perfectly coiffed. Whitest teeth, amazing posture, and don't forget that little giggle. The only point of having them is so that there is something to look at, because they obviously don't do their own research. And the content is, just okay. Today they did a show on news about the missing little girl Caylee Anthony, a controversial new treatment for Alzheimer's, and hidden calories among restuarant foods. Seems innocent enough right? First of all, all they did to talk about the Caylee case was ask Caylee's grandmother a plethora of questions that she either didn't know how to answer and therefore articulated horribly, could not answer, or was just completely dumbfounded. They really should have had her lawyer sit in on that one, because it made her look bad. Secondly, the Alzheimer's thing really was interesting, except for the fact that they kind of glorified it and spent way too much time explaining how it can hurt the family, which is stating the obvious. And the men. The men doctors arguing over this new procedure, they were silly. It went something like this? "So, how much does each treatment cost?" Oh about $800. "Well, I heard it cost up to $10,000 to $40,000 a year! Is that how much it adds up to?" Yes. Good job, you can do simple math. And of course let's not forget this little snippet: 'Calamari! That's fish, it shouldn't have too much fat or calories!' Um, dude, Calamari is fried. But thankfully the nutritionist pointed that one out for him. (Then they had a segment all about horoscopes and nature vs. nurture, Hello! That's OLD news).  I'm tellin' ya, it's a weird show. I don't predict a very lasting life for it. 

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