Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Best of Times

This is a blog about my best friend Lyssa. She is here in Utah right now and I am so excited. This will be one of the first summers where I will be able to spend a ton a time with her in a very long time. And probably one of the last. Because near the end of August, she is going to live in Doha, Qatar with her husband. And she is expecting! 
My Lyssa is quite the world traveller since being married in June of 2006. She moved to Hungary shortly after my wedding (she stayed in Utah while her husband went to Hungary so she could spend more time with her family and come to MY wedding!) in September of 2006. She stayed in Hungary nearly a year and then moved back to Utah for a short time and then to Pittsburgh! I saw her for the first time in May after a year and a half!
While she was in Hungary, she traveled to a slew of places within Europe. Italy and Slovenia, among others that I am not certain of, so I wouldn't want to write it and it not be true. In the states, she traveled to one of the Carolina's (gosh I'm bad at remembering), Niagra Falls, Canada, and then drove from Pennsylvania to Utah. 
Her husband (Dave) might be one of the smartest people I have ever met. He is very easy to get along with too, which is a bonus. On their travels, he has been able to translate many languages, so they knew where they were going and what they were eating. They have even found a church in nearly every country they have visited. He is fluent in Hungarian and some others too, I think. Remind me again where he went on his mission Lyssa? Somewhere good I bet. I wanna say Poland, but why? I don't know. I could be completely making that up.
Now she is moving to Qatar. If you don't know what that is or where it is, don't fret, neither did I at first. It is at the Persian Gulf. Don't be alarmed though, I completely trust that my best friend and her husband would pick a safe and good place to live and raise a family. And I researched it a little bit too. It is Westernized. I hope that Jason and I can visit there sometime throughout the THREE years that they will live there. 
And I did mention she is pregnant. She has been wanting to be pregnant since probably the day she got married. We both think it's weird that I have baby and she doesn't. She is the baby of nine, and so she has a lot of nieces and nephews, it's about time she have her own! One of the things that was holding her back was Hungary. I don't think they had health insurance there. But they will in Qatar. And she has had somewhat of a difficult road to this pregnancy, so I wish her all the best! And she is having a BOY!  I think that I am more excited that she is having a little boy because I have one, even though when Lyssa and I were at Burlington today, we were attracted to all things pink.
Anyway, just wanna say - that I love this girl. I met her when we were really little like 3 and 4 years old if that. She lived next door to my great grandma on Main St. in Orem, and now even her Mom and my (not great) grandma are relief society partners. She was a year behind me in school and her older sister (Karina) was a year ahead of me in school. So we were pretty good friends, except when sibling rivalry stepped in, but that wasn't very often. Even when I moved to AZ, we saw each other at least twice a year. 
I could say a lot, but I will keep it short and sweet. Lyssa - I love you! You were always like my family but now you truly are (I married her cousin)! And I wish the best for you and Dave! AND I am SO glad that you are here with me for two weeks!! And yes, holy exclamation points I know.

Lyssa in Hungary
Lyssa and Dave
At the temple after they were married (so cute)
And this one is my favorite! This when they were leaving their reception.

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