Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday


1. Pesto
Oh I could sing your praises to everyone. There are cons, however. Greasy, oily and probably fattening. Heartburn-inducing. Wanting to eat it all the time. I stuff pork chops with this pesto and feta cheese and Jason loves it. All I need is a dollop on cooked pasta or pizza crust. Mmm..
2. Babies
Babies make the world go round. I love 'em.
(Photo from C Jane Enjoy It)
3. Halloween
Halloween was great this year. It's always a good reason to party but when you have kids and I mean kids who get it, then it's a bigger party.
4. Elections
Look, I hate the signs, the phone calls and the arguing/bashing as much as the next person BUT we have to appreciate our privilege that is the right to vote and stand up for our beliefs.
5. GOOD neighbors
My friend, Deborah, is also my good neighbor. She helps me a lot. She has taken care of Griffin for me while I have gone on job interviews. She has car-pooled with me to Chandler. She helped me this week enormously by taking Griffin and I to the grocery store since my car is STILL not working. And she has 2 kids. She is generous, nice and a good Mom too. My other neighbors are good and some have the potential I'm sure, but this week I am thankful for Deb.

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I made the thankful post... :)