Monday, November 1, 2010


SO yesterday or the day before I was hanging with Courtney, Jason, and Griffin.
I said to Griffin, "Hey did you tell Coco that you went to Disneyland?"
Griffin: "No."
Courtney: "Tell me about it Griff."
Griffin: "No."
Me: "Come one Griffin, tell Courtney about Disneyland."
He looks at me. Straight face.
Griffin: "Shut up."
Me: "WHAT?!"
Griffin: "Shut up Mommy."
Me and Jason: "Griffin! Don't tell Mommy that!"
Griffin: "Shut up."

We had a long talk. I think he gets it. It was weird, since I never tell him to shut up, so I guess I don't notice when Jason and I say it. NOT funny but sort of. Don't worry we did NOT laugh when he said it. but we did laugh later in private (:


Lyssa said...

Oh my Christian says shut up some times, but it just comes out as shut. He only says it when I say it and he repeats it, but someday he will figure out when to say it. I really need to stop saying it. Or Dave needs to stop saying ridiculous things to me, so that I don't have to tell him to shut up :) Ha ha

Nikki Reardon said...

That's ok. Colton told me today: "Mommy, I won't never call you a bitch" So I think I win in the bad words my kids repeat contest.....