Thursday, July 29, 2010


This little stink butt turned 3 on July 12th. His nicknames are stink butt, Griff, little, and little guy. We were going to have a party for him on the 10th, but he got pink eye so we switched it to the next Saturday. We invited a lot of his little friends and 4 kids showed up. We did kiddie pools and a water slide in the backyard, with pizza, bubbles, cake, presents and music. He had a lot of fun, but it pretty much wore him and his friends out, and then he got more sick but I think he is finally getting over it. Since he is three now, we have started to try and treat him more like a big boy. First thing to go was the crib. Now he gets to sleep in his new big boy room with his new big boy bed (which is actually a hand-me-down from my sister).
First night in the big boy bed. It has been about 2 weeks now of sleeping in his new room and I'd say he is doing pretty good. He sleeps all night and all nap. He doesn't come out until he wakes up in the morning. He has fallen off once, but he just fell asleep on the floor. Even though I moved the glider in there, he hardly ever lets me rock him, he usually wants to drink his bottle in bed then fall asleep. So, yes, the next thing to go is the bahbah. Then hopefully we can reprise potty training again, but I'm giving him a break since he hasn't been taking to it. A lot of changes going down for him, but he'll be all grown up by the time we have another!
We haven't gone to the doctor yet for his well-child visit but I know that he weighs 42 lbs and is about 41 inches. He is a big boy. He eats good, is not picky like his mama, but isn't so sure about the texture of some meat yet. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets, hot dogs, spaghetti, cheese enchiladas, cereal, CAKE, and popsicles (he calls popsicles snacks). He is a juice head like me and prefers milk a lot of the time also.
He loves baseball like his daddy, and is obsessed with trucks to dig in dirt with and dinosaurs. He likes all things boy-related. Cars, trains, airplanes, snakes, and dirt but he also LOVES cooking, babies and vacuuming.
His favorite shows are Diego, "Monkey George", Dora, Clifford, Caillou and Peep. We like to rent Disney movies and watch them with him too. But most of the time, he wants to be outside. He plays in our backyard every day, despite the extremely hot temps.
He talks a lot all day long. We have conversations all day long about our family, friends, what he's doing, and I'm constantly telling him to say excuse me and bless you and stuff like that. He often likes to call himself Griffin Dinosaur and me, Mommy Dinosaur.
He likes us to read a story before bedtime, watch TV in the morning in bed with Mommy, and 'help' Daddy with whatever he can. Going to grandmas, playing with his cousins, going to the park and drawing are at the top of his list too.
He has his moments of tantrums and hitting and stuff like that but he is really adaptable and listens most of the time.
I really don't know what I do without him.
He is the apple of our eyes.

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Audrey {+} John said...

Happy birthday Griffin! Cute post! He is getting so big!