Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

These are in no particular order because I just upload my pics as they come. But today is Thankful Thursday and it's been a while, so I have a lot to be thankful for.

Grass. Although my son, and Christian, above, seem to have an allergy to grass, it makes them so happy (for a moment). Well, it makes me happy. We have grass in our backyard now, and it just makes it look so much lovelier and home-y. I took this picture when we go to Utah from Qatar. Christian, my friend's son, has not played on the grass in a long time, and he was SO excited to run around in it. Summer in Utah always reminds me of well, green grass.
Family. My immediate family, my MOM, my in-laws, my Grandma, my relatives by marriage, they have all made me happy recently. Thank you family.
Curious George. Grffin loves it and I love it too. Yeah, I know George is somewhat mischievous and the Man in the Yellow Hat is somewhat naive, but we love this show and it makes me smile.
Living in MY cul-de-sac. In my cul-de-sac, almost every family has children. 4 of the children are close in age to Griffin and we have a weekly play date. It's as exciting for me as it is for Griffin. And I love that in our cul-de-sac there is no traffic. That way if Griffin runs out into the yard and freaks me out, I know that he most likely will not get hurt, because I would be able to see in anyone was coming anyway. We live in the very middle of ours, and I like it that way. I love it.
Flowers. Let's face it, everyone loves a good flower. Whether they like the smell, the look, or the ambiance they bring to a room or a yard, most people like flowers. These Irises are growing in my grandparent's back yard in Utah. I love them. They bring back good memories, and are lovely. Breathtaking to me, since we can't grow them in Arizona.
This view. This is from my friend (and cousin-in-law)'s yard in Pleasant Grove, UT. She can just walk out her front door and see this (I took this pic the same time as the one of Christian running through the grass). I must admit that it's this view that keeps bringing me back to Utah and falling in love all over again.
My boys. Griffin and Jason. I missed them so much when I went to Qatar for two weeks. They mean so much to me and together we have a great time. Griffin has shown that he is still very much a Mama's boy and Jason has come to appreciate all the little things I do for him. It's great to be missed, and it's great to come home to love.
Lyssa Kiri Knudsen Sallay. My best friend. My cousin-in-law. The girl who introduced me to Jason (her cousin). The girl who I have been friends with since forever and I mean forever. Since we were too young to even talk. The reason why I even got to go Qatar. One of the best people to be around and have a laugh with, and fly 22 hours with, and to calm me down when I am scared for no reason and to be logical and to just be. Love you.
Social Networking! I love Facebook because I have friends from each part of my life on there. From childhood friends, junior high friends, work friends, Mom friends, relatives, my friend's moms, peeps from high school and college, and even friends of friends. I recently asked for suggestions concerning my son's skin condition and I got a lot of really good answers. I also ask questions on BabyCenter and Twitter and even Blogger. I like making friends, and I love being in contact with them no matter where they live.

SO, I have a TON to write about my trip. I have been editing my pictures and I'm almost ready to start writing. I am excited to share with everyone my experience in Qatar. It was definitely


Audrey {+} John said...

Good list!

Lyssa said...

aww. Thanks Regan. I'm so glad you got to come to Qatar. It still seems unreal. Thanks for flying 22 hours with me. It wouldn't have been any fun without you.