Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SHE in China

I'd like to take a few moments to tell you about this girl who writes an awesome blog. Her blog is called SHE in China and the SHE stands for Seen, Heard, and Experienced. Her name is Jonna Wibelius and is originally from Sweden but has been living in other countries since she moved out, and most recently and the longest, in China. She speaks Mandarin pretty fluently. I love reading about her experiences living there. She talks about everything from her boyfriend to moving from city to city, going to the gym, and everything in between. She does use the term Laowai quite often, that I must admit I had to look up to better my understanding of it, but you pretty much get the gist of what she is talking about. And it's always neat, in my opinion, to hear other people talk and the way they say things especially since English is not her first language. And I also love how she talks about her family's Holiday and special event traditions back in Sweden. AND of course, she loves to travel. Just recently she took a trip to Mongolia. I highly suggest that you check out her blog, even if you don't care for traveling, or Chinese culture or stuff like that, I think she is quite relatable as girl that is, same stuff most girls go through, extremely different scenery. And she has quite a few posts, still don't think I've read them all, so if you find yourself bored and want to read something, I find most of her posts pretty entertaining. Anyway, just thought I would share, I just randomly came across her blog and I'm so glad!

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