Tuesday, March 30, 2010

102 Things About Regan Lynn

1. I was NOT named after Ronald Reagan.
2. My mom did choose my name from The Exorcist.
3. I placed in a state competition for DECA when I was a Junior in high school. I think that's one of the only awards I ever received besides a few in elementary school.
4. I have never played sports. I was not on any teams. I did not dance. Nor play an instrument. That being said, I have no real hobby. I am still looking for something I am good at, that people want to recognize me for and support me in.
5. I spent my childhood living in Utah County.
6. I grew into an adult in Arizona, and I plan on staying here for a very long time.
7. The summers here are brutal, but I think you have to really embrace them. And I have learned to do so.
8. The winters here are beautiful but it is really weird to me when it is not cold on Christmas and Thanksgiving.
9. When I was little, I wanted to change my name to Gabriella.
10. I never lived with my Dad. That's ok with me, and I have a normal relationship with him.
11. I don't like cooking but I like trying new recipes because I am lucky enough to have a husband that will eat almost anything.
12. I don't like cleaning, but I love having my own house to clean.
13. I am a stay-at-home mama and sometimes I feel very guilty about it but mostly I am just grateful.
14. I plan on having more children, but I don't know when. Lately, I have been having baby fever but I know that is not the right time to have another. (no health insurance)
15. My favorite food is watermelon. Other than that, I mainly live off of cheese, bread, and pasta. It's a bad diet, but being a vegetarian, I never feel full unless one of these foods is present.
16. I love veggies but I don't eat nearly enough. Lately, my husband and I have been drastically changing our diets for the better.
17. I drink alcohol. And I like it. But we have been cutting back on it. It's bad for you, not to mention expensive. I know this. But I am still going to drink on special occasions.
18. I have many, many LDS friends and family. I can be friends with them because I respect them (and I know A LOT about their religion, so it is not foreign to me at all). They can be friends with me because they respect me. In my house, I do what I want. In your house, I do what you want. Simple as that. (Obviously there are times, when, I don't imbibe because it is not appropriate. I am not that kind of a person to rebel, even on a special occasion :).
19. I love Utah, but I do not wish to live there. However, if I could afford it, I would fly there ALL the time and purchase a home there for my visits. That would be divine. So I guess you could say that I do wish to live there...sometimes.
20. I live 30-45 minutes away from my gym, depending on what location I go to. That is one of my biggest pet peeves about living outside of Phoenix.
21. I didn't drive till I was 19. It worked out for me.
22. I didn't move out until I was 23 and I moved in with my friend and my boyfriend (who later became my husband).
23. I never finished college. One day, I will.
24. I only ditched school two days during my 4 years at high school.
25. I did, however, fail three classes and had to take summer school.
26. I originally met my husband when we were both 16.
27. I HATED my husband's longtime girlfriend. I kind of hated him too for a bit, but I quickly got over it when said girlfriend cheated on him and I swooped in for the save (;
28. I met my husband's family before him. His little sister when we were children, his older brother when we were teenagers. It does help that my bff is his cousin.
29. I have had some of the best times of my life hanging out with said bff and my husband pre-dating, dating, etc.
30. I would NEVER live anywhere that didn't have a dishwasher, washer and dryer. I don't care what you think of this, but that sounds like pure torture to me.
31. We didn't get a dishwasher until I was 11 and that was pure joy for me, even though I'm sure my mom did more dishes than I did.
32. I wash anything and everything that can go into the washing machine often. Including but not limited to the cover that goes on the high chair, pillows, cloth shower curtains, plastic bibs, the couch slip cover, soft toys and stuffed animals, shoes, and so on.
33. I am known to be late. All the time. To everything. (except job interviews and the likes) I am very ashamed of this and even though I am working on it, people will never forget unless it never happens again and I am not that good of a person yet.
34. I love taking vitamins, eating really healthy Kashi cereal, drinking soy milk and all that expensive Vegetarian crap.
35. I will never, ever eat meat again so long as I live and I don't feel like I am missing out one teensy, tiny bit.
36. Speaking of not eating meat, this includes all fish, gelatin, rennet, broth and certain other things. And I will not eat a veggie burger that has been grilled on the same grill as the hamburger and I will not let my hash brown spatula share with your sausage spatula. I guess you could say I am very picky. (My husband and my son eat meat).
37. I love sleeping in. Always have, always will. BUT I gotta get up with my son, so I don't ever really get to. But every chance I get, I do it.
38. I got pregnant exactly one month after I got married. I was really surprised. Obviously, I was not doing my best to prevent it, but I had been having certain medical issues, and I did not think I would be able to get pregnant. I was wrong.
39. I didn't feel like I was ready when I found out I was expecting and I was sad that I did not get to "plan" it. But I had a good pregnancy, a great labor, and I do not know what I would do without my little guy. I truly look at him as giving me a reason to be here.
40. When I found out I was pregnant, I was too scared to tell my mom, so I had my sister do it.
41. I got married in Draper, Utah. Even though not all of my Arizona friends got to be a part of it, I am so so glad that we married there. It was perfect.
42. I get along really well with my in-laws. They are such a fun group, very caring, and spoil me and my family.
43. My mom is an awesome grandma. SHE is the one that asks to babysit, not always the other way around. My son and my nephews both have rooms at her house. Her house is VERY kid-friendly and we all love it that way. She would do anything for her grandchildren.
44. I like Disneyland, and I have been to Disneyworld once and Disneyland three times. I do not see a point to go there more than once a year though, and I haven't been in three years and do not plan on taking Griffin until he is old enough to remember it.
45. I do want to take him to Sea World though. I went there for the first time on my honeymoon and I loved it.
46. We had a very eventful California-style honeymoon. We went to Disneyland, a 3-day cruise, Huntington Beach, and San Diego.
47. I worked at Bank of America for three years and I now I am trying to go back. I worked there and I bank there, but I don't think very much of that company sorry to say.
48. I hate the feel of anything soft. Velvet, velour, silk, satin....ew!!
49. I always wear my hair down, unless I feel very comfortable in front of you, or I am working out.
50. I don't really know how to swim and that's okay with me.
51. I'm not a water person. I rarely get in the pool and I barely walk into the ocean.
52. I do love laying out by the pool though and walking on the beach. My mom and my sister both have pools and we have a community pool. Also, we go to San Diego at least twice a year.
53. We don't follow any TV shows at our house and we only have 22 channels. The most watched channel is probably PBS then NBC.
54. I try to make dinner every night and a lunch for my husband every day. At home during the day, Griffin and I eat pretty much whatever we want for breakfast-be it pasta or oatmeal, Coke or coffee.
55. My son still drinks out of bottles. He will be 3 in July. That's ok with me because it helps to keep me calm and collected too. Call me selfish, but I need my zzzzs just as much as the next person.
56. I could eat pizza every day of my life.
57. I sort of really really love tomato based anything. Sauce, salsa, soup....mmmmm.
58. I love Disney movies....the animated ones that is. But I still have not seen them all.
59. My husband hates watching movies more than once. So, we don't own many movies and we still have a VHS in our master bedroom and no DVD player. I am not like this, I do like to watch movies more than once, but only a select few and hardly ever.
60. I'm a very traditional person on many levels, but sometimes I really like a lot of different styles and stuff too.
61. I have many bffs and they are not really friends with each other. But they get together for my birthday, parties, etc. and they are ALL girls except Jason.
62. I would be bothered if Jason had a good girl friend and he would extremely bothered if I had any male friends. Well, I do have one male friend, but we don't really hang out more than once a year and never alone. (this does not include family of course).
63. I love reading gossip magazine such as People and Us Weekly. Luckily, my mom buys them almost every week so I don't have to.
64. If I had more channels, I would probably watch a lot more trendier TV like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kendra, Jersey Shore, etc. But I would really love to watch more of is HGTV.
65. My husband is a big baseball fan, so that makes me one by association. Our favorite team is the Los Angeles Dodgers, followed by other California teams and of the course the Arizona Diamondbacks, since it's always fun to root for the home team.
66. Since I've been married, I rarely get my nails done, get regular hair cuts, buy much make-up, or shop for clothes. It's not really that I don't care now that I am not looking for anyone, although that is part of it, but I am still VERY girly, it's just that now that I don't work, I really don't feel entitled to that kind of stuff anymore.
67. Almost every shirt that I wear right now was given to me by mom or my sister. I go through stages where I rotate a smallish number of shirts that I wear each week. In the next 6 months, these shirts will probably be different. The bottoms always stay the same.
68. Even though I am a girly girl, I have very little girly accessories. I have one pair of heels, and they are barely heels. I don't have any real fancy dresses, and most of my purses are casual. You will almost always find me in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. Always. And the only jewelry I wear is my rings.
69. I am trying to find a part time job right now, but only if it offers benefits. So you might understand why the new healthcare bill is important to me and my family. We have not had health insurance for a while, and it's very stressful.
70. I am trying to potty train this month. The toilet sings a song when a piddle has been piddled. And any day now I am to receive an Elmo potty DVD from Netflix. Wish me luck.
71. I lived in Utah for 7 months in 2008. My mother and step-father bought us a MacBook so we could stay in touch via webcam calls. It was a lifesaver then and still now, as I love this Mac and I probably won't ever go back to PC.
72. I consider myself to be spoiled in many ways, but we are almost always broke.
73. I've never been abroad and I have only been to Mexico as far as traveling outside of the U.S. goes, but since I have been to Maui, I like to think of that as a major trip I have taken too.
74. My sister and I are really close. We are a lot alike and then we are also very different. She is my only biological sibling, and sometimes when people ask me how many brothers and sisters I have, I immediately think only 1, even though it's not true since I have a half brother, a step-brother and a step-sister.
75. I really love spelling. My grammar has taken a downward slide since I stopped going to school, but I still really love spelling and as nerdy as it sounds, I'm kinda into it way too much.
76. When I was little, my mom took me and my sister to my great grandparent's house in Orem everyday before she went to work, so always early in the morning. From there we went to school and came home from school. My Grandma fed us, did our hair, helped us with our homework, played with us, and her and my Grandpa basically doted on us all day until our mom came to pick us up around dinner time. They were both extremely patient, but still strict in their beliefs, they were creative and loved their home, and they taught me some many of the values that I still look to today. So, naturally, they hold a very special place in my heart and I'm sad that Griffin never got to meet them. They were my second set of parents and my Grandpa was my father figure. Every time I see a hummingbird (and other things that are usually outside since that's where they liked to spend their time), I like to think it's one of them, checking in on me.
77. I am close to my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mom's side of the family. Not so much on my dad's side, in fact if I saw any of them walking down the street, I'm not sure that I would immediately recognize them, if at all. But as I have gotten older, I have been trying to have more of a relationship with them. I still see my dad's parents every once in a while though, and they treat me like any other grandparents would.
78. I'm a scaredy cat. BIG time. I'm scared of most everything, so I won't embarrass myself too much, but ya know the basics: roller coasters, airplanes, driving in bad weather, the dark, being home alone at night or early morning, water sports, and basically any spider. BUT I still like to see scary movies, I LOVE haunted houses and go camping and stuff like that.
79. I don't drink enough water. I'm a huge juice person, and I love Pepsi and Sprite. I love most sugary drinks, like Snapple, and energy drinks. Smoothies, shakes, and Slurpees. I love sugar in general. Candy too but not so much dessert.
80. My husband and I find ways to save money on everything that we do: eat, go out, go to movies/anything extra-curricular, but we both have really nice cell phones.
81. I love taking pictures but I have no desire to buy a really nice camera, take a photography class or learn Photoshop. I'll stick to crop, red-eye reduction and all the tools that my iPhoto has thankyouverymuch.
82. I wish I could be really crafty, sew-y, decorate-y, and so on...but honestly when I have free time these days I spend more time on the internet looking at cool stuff that other people have done than actually doing it myself.
83. I like to take baths. Every night. I don't like to take them for cleaning purposes though. I absolutely hate washing my hair in a bath, and I really doubt that it does anything. But I love soaking and reading a magazine or a book. Or shaving my legs.
84. I'm really horrible at math. I'm so horrible that when I even think about doing even the tiniest of math, I clam up and I do worse than ever. I am highly embarrassed about it too. It makes me think that I might have a learning disorder in that area because I really am that bad at it.
85. I'd rather take Griffin to the play area inside the mall than a park because I am paranoid and the indoor play area seems so much softer and safer. However, I do not live close to the mall, so this is obviously something that is not feasible.
86. I am very paranoid about Griffin in all areas of his life. I still sleep with the baby monitor inches away from my head, and when we have a new baby, I'll probably just get another camera for the monitor, so that I can keep one on Griffin as well. I don't leave him alone for longer than 5 minutes at a time, even in our house, and it makes me cringe whenever he is around any body of water, small or big. I know most Moms are like this, but for me I feel like it really is my whole life sometimes.
87. Even though we did not originally plan on waiting so long in between children, secretly (a secret from my husband that is) I am happy about it because I feel like Griffin will be more independent when our second child is born and I got a lot of bonding time with Griffin that I will cherish forever.
88. I have a real fear of not being able to conceive again. I really want another baby, but it scares me that for some reason, I will not be able to attain this. I am really happy with the baby that I have, but Jason has assured me that he is NOT comfortable with adoption and he would never do that for me. I respect that, but it does make me sad sometimes, because I would be open to adoption.
89. I think I have built up an immunity to ibuprofen and acetaminophen because I take them both so often. I take a pill for everything. Well, there IS a pill out there for everything, so that's what I do. I am trying to cut down on this.
90. I reallllllly want a boob job and it may be for reasons that you would never understand. I almost got one when I was 19 and I chickened out. ):
91. I feel like the quality of my life would be so much better if I lost like 80 el bees. No joke. But, as it turns out, I have terrible self control and discipline and THAT is something I am ALWAYS working on. I would never allow myself to get surgery until I had a healthy body. It's my number one rule. Be healthy, before you get what you want.
92. Sometimes I have an urge to go running but I never do because the one time I did, I felt like I was gonna die after only running for maybe 5 minutes. And my legs, they itched so bad! One of these days, hopefully I can get to a more comfortable pace and enjoy working out, since my body is practically begging me to do it.
93. I am not religious. I am not anti-religion, it is just not for me. My husband and I are alike in our beliefs, but I think I might be more exploratory than him. If I had to choose anything though, to help me be more spiritual, I would probably go with Buddhism, no joke. I am looking into different things, but for the most part I am just not religious.
94. I do, however, have very good morals, I would say. I know the difference between right and wrong, I know what I want for me and my children, and I consider myself a very safe and cautious person.
95. I think I am a cheese-a-holic.
96. I love taking road trips, especially with my husband.
97. I wish I could buy a huge RV and travel the U.S. with my family one day. Sigh.
98. If money were no object, me and Griffin would do something cool every day, and every weekend, or whenever, I would drag Jason along too. Ya know, to like a museum, or an arboretum, or the zoo, or a concert, or a fundraiser or what have you. Anything family friendly-I'm on it!
99. I love meeting new people, I like having a lot of different friends, and for the most part, I will often try new things, if I am not having an anxiety attack that day.
100. I grew up in a household of just my mom and my sister and we are very close still to this day. So sometimes, when I am around a lot of men, or maybe at my in-law's house, I feel like the odd one out, because I just don't even know how to act sometimes!
101. I have a million things in my head I want to blog about, but I don't think I have an audience number one and number two, I get a little lazy, so to finish this list is a good start!
102. I like even numbers and rock music (:


Tanika said...

I LOVE this idea. Great blog
*snatches idea*

and btw im a cheese-a-holic too :D

love u!

April said...

Must run in the family. I am a cheese a holic as well.
And, I am with ya on 83. Love baths.
86 is a rough one. Tatum told me to get a life the other day. Ouch. I guess at age 8, she should be able to butter toast without me being worried that she might lose a finger.

Closing statement. Boob jobs rock. Reach your goals, because it is worth every penny.

Love you and your sweetness!

tiburon said...

SOoooo fun to read all these things. Did I ever tell you that I was the National VP of DECA? still one of the highlights of my life!