Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom, Michele (yes with 1 L)
Showing my son how to roast a marshmallow
Me and My Mom
My sisters CJ, Kelly and my Mom with Conner
My Mom with Cody and Conner-her first Grand Babies
A small one on the Heber Creeper in Utah
Holding my son (her tiniest Grand Baby) and below on the sail boat in San Diego
My momma. She hates watermelon, but likes cantaloupe. She loves her grandchildren and would literally do anything for them. She likes Perrier, Diet Coke and Chai Tea Lattes. She TiVos Intervention and Dancing with the Stars. She works really hard at a job she's had for a long long time. She makes elaborate dinners for her husband and anyone else who is at her house but she only has a salad. She can't sit down for longer than 5 minutes. She has a healthy obsession with The Wizard of Oz. I think she should be Glinda the Good Witch for Halloween one day. Forever she only used Aveda hair products and their smell always makes me think of her. She wears Armani perfume and has many different colors/styles of her favorite flip flop style slippers and wears them daily. She takes care of me and my family still to this day. I go to her for everything from advice to recipes to remedies and yes even money. What I think is most fascinating about her is her over abundance of love for her family including her Grandsons. You can see it in everything she does. Today is my Mom's birthday and I wish I could give her everything she wants (including a new over-the-stove Microwave-her wish list item) but all I can give her is a giant THANK YOU for being born! I love you Mommy!!!!!!
Happy Birthday!!

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