Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. My own little family
I love spending evenings with Jason and Griffin. We eat dinner, watch a little TV, then end up playing together..mostly in our king bed. And the playing usually lasts past bedtime, so bath time ends up being short and somewhat ornery, but I think it's worth it. Griffin nearly passes out in the rocking chair and I am left with warm fuzzies. Jason plays really really great with Griffin and he does bath every night. I love them.

2. Fall Weather
Okay so technically it isn't all that cool yet-in the daytime. It still gets up to the high 90's and I still have to have my a.c. on. But our downstairs a.c. doesn't work very well, so we have just turned it off for about a month now. It gets warm down there sure, but it's not like in the summer. When the sun goes down, we open the windows and it feels awesome. After Griff goes down, Jason and I sit out on the back patio and talk. It's getting
there... to the perfect winter weather Phoenix is known for.

3. Oh, Griffin
I wasn't originally going to do a number separate just for him...but after what JUST happened, I have to. Today has been hilly. I mean that Griffin has given me some obstacles but just little hills..that mostly make me happy for him. He woke up early, after going to bed late. He only wanted 2 bottles of milk for breakfast. He finally ate some fruit cocktail, but threw the rest of it on the ground on the cat (we are babysitting my sister's kitten Harper for the week). He never does that. Then I gave him a bleach bath. I know it sounds weird but two pediatricians recommended this to me to treat my son's red sores and prevent staph infection which he has had previously 3 times. Anyway, he threw a huge fit in there because I wouldn't let him drink the water and splashed water everywhere. Bleachy water. Then he asked for a cookie, which was really just a muffin, that I made yesterday. He finished off two and said "All done." I go to grab the rag and there he goes stuffing crumbs into seat in the high chair. Did I mention he was also naked? Crumbs in ALL places. So I sprayed him down in the kitchen sink. Later I decided to sit on the couch with him while he was watching a Little Einstein DVD and do this list. It was so sweet. See picture I took with my cell phone below:
He was just curled up next to me, I was waiting for the show to get over so I could put him down for nap. Then something startled me! A fountain of liquid shooting in the air and all over my keyboard! I forgot he was still naked.
But, he went down great just now which makes for a good nap I think. Silly little thing.

4. Aveeno lotion
Aveeno brand is my favorite thing. All week I have been battling dry hands-something I CANNOT stand- and I have been out of my Aveeno lotion and was using a different kind because I had it and didn't want to buy Aveeno because it can be pricey. I went to my mom's to feed her animals while she is away and she had some there. My hands feel loved again.
And yes it did take me over an hour to write this list due to a potty mishap and nap time tucking in, but I still think it was worth it.

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