Monday, October 19, 2009


I have kids. Truth=I have one kid. He is 2. He doesn't really care if I bake, so mostly I do it for my husband. My son does not help me bake, usually. I'm a little snotty in the way, that if I'm going to be giving something away, I like to decorate it myself. I figure since Griffin doesn't quite get it yet, I still have a couple more months to get away with this until I feel guilty.

Jason's mom hangs up all of her children's artwork for Holiday decorations. These pieces are old. She has 5 kids and her youngest is 18. I never thought about hanging up the pumpkin paper bag puppet in the window for other's to see, probably because I like to hang up store-bought decor. But I thought that was a great idea. I can't wait to do that with Griffin and my future children. You know most people probably smile when they see that. I would mix old in with new, and I will, but since I don't have any kiddie artwork yet, this year I have been making my own. I found a lot of ideas at Martha Stewart. And I'm going to try to do what I saw. I may wing it, but hopefully I just get it done before Halloween. I've been saving bottles, tin cans, egg cartons and other things to make into Halloween decorations. I'm excited.

I love saving cool bottles. Lately I have been saving things that I normally would not. Perrier bottles are very pretty. Skyy vodka bottles are a beautiful deep shade of blue. I used up the last little bit of Bertolli olive oil at my mom's house and noticed that the glass bottle has a really cute little design on the top. I wanted to keep it. And today, I used up the last little bit of a tiny, plastic Vanilla bottle. I kept it. You just never know! I could keep something in it, or Griffin could use it in the tub to serve his fish and frogs some bubble potion.

Well, I'm off to frost more cupcakes. I plan on using some for my Phantom Ghost neighborhood project. I'm a nerd like that. But sometimes I have lots of good ideas, and then I never get around to doing them. SO hopefully I finish those cupcakes. I've done like 5 and I'm ready for a nap. (:

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