Monday, August 24, 2009

My Favorite Monday

Well, today's post is inspired by my appetite. I love food. It's no secret. One of the foods on my love radar of course is cheese. I heart cheese. Lately, I have been addicted to pepper jack cheese. But I must say that Tillamook pepper jack cheese is the best! It's so pricey, yet SO worth it. My mom buys it sliced, which I think is better, but it's cheaper in a block. And I like to pair with Triscuits, preferably rosemary and olive oil Tricsuits, but whatever. I love it. And I will probably eat all week, so hurry, someone tell me it's good for me, at least a little bit! 

P.S. I got the My Favorite Monday idea and pic from Tiburon. She actually hasn't done it in a while, but I assume it's because she has way more interesting things to blog about and I do not. (:

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tiburon said...

Tis not true. I have nothing to blog about. I gave up on MFM because nobody was playing along...