Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dumbest promotion ever, but still clever at the same time

He wasn't kidding. My friend Lyssa's husband Dave, posted on his facebook about how the Orem Owlz are promoting Halitosis Night. Everyone who comes to the game gets a free mint. I thought, seriously? So I looked it up. It's true! Weird. 

Wednesday, August 19
August 19 vs. Missoula - 7:05 PM
Rock N' Roll Halitosis Night 
In an attempt to thwart bad breath from the ballpark, every fan who comes to the game will receive a free mint when entering the stadium. The Owlz will have other fun promotions throughout the game revolving around eliminating stinky breath. 
Presented by Rockers Mints 
NAPA Family Feast Night 
Enjoy hot dogs, popcorn, drinks for $1 each. Get Reserved tickets for a discount with coupons available at local NAPA stores. 
Presented by NAPA Auto Parts 

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Jamilyn said...

Wow... That's all I've got to say about that.