Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Some Stuff


~ For the 4th of July we stayed in Chandler with my parents. My step-sister CJ was there too. We barbecued and swam. We watched the fireworks from a business parking lot a couple miles away from where they were being held. It was SO humid though, I was ready for the fireworks to be over many times, but they seemed extra long this year. 

~The day after tomorrow is Griffin's birthday party. His actual Birthday is on Sunday. I'm a little scared because I don't really have any games planned except for one Thomas-themed pin the tail on the donkey sort of thing. There's going to be a range of kids there-the youngest being 1 and the eldest 6 and I'm not good at these things so hopefully it goes well. I just envision eating, chatting and watching the kids play. Wish we could have something outside but in this heat, I don't think so. I heard a couple of rumors that it might reach 116 this weekend. Eek!

~ Jason is still working out of town at Bullhead City/Laughlin. That has been interesting. But I suspect that he won't be there much longer as, sadly, business is slow. NOT a good thing. 

~Everyday, all day, I am thinking of my beautiful friend Emily who passed away last week. I'm angry mostly. I know that soon my anger will fade and I'll have to get over it. But the memory I have of her will never fade and I want to model my life after the way she lived hers: always positive. 

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Creative_Tanika said...

Hey chicken wing. I want a copy of that pic you spoke about on my art blog!!!