Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mama Day

Me and my mom, Michele

Mother's Day was good. The previous night my mom took Griffin off my hands for the night. Jason didn't like that idea and he made sure I knew it, so it wasn't as pleasant as I had wished. Sunday morning we all met at my sister, Kelly's house for lunch. It was a full house. My mom, my step-dad Chris, and his daughter CJ came as well as Chris' mom Helyn. My aunt Lori came, me, Jason  and Griff and my sister's family was there was well, her twin boys Cody and Conner, her sweetie Mike and his son Seth. Kelly made a wonderful brunch spread for us including her famous egg casserole, mini muffins and mini croissants, and some delish peanut butter bars with fresh strawberries. We were supposed to meet there at 10:30, but of course Jason and I were a half hour late. When we pulled up, my mom and Griffin had just arrived and we were so excited to see Griffin. When I ran over to him, he handed me a carnation. Awww! And my mom gave me the cutest vase with 3 roses and a card with some Airheads attatched to it! Then my sister's ex dropped off her boys right then and there too. It was good because I felt horrible guilt about being late but apparently we weren't the only ones. After brunch we all went swimming. Well actually not all of us went swimming, I never do. I don't really care for it at all. But Jason got in with the kids and the teenagers. Jason plays so well in the pool with the kids, he throws them around and plays their games. Griffin wasn't so in to the pool. It made him cold. So I spent most of the time (and everyone else too) chasing Griffin around the pool. He probably wouldn't have fallen in because he is so very cautious and Jason and others were right there, but it's in my worrisome nature to make sure he is fine AT ALL TIMES. After an hour or so of playing outside, we decided to take off to put Griffin down for a nap at my mom's house. When we got there I put Griffin down and then I read the new Us Weekly uninterrupted while sipping a Starbucks chai tea latte frappucino (a new invention of mine and it was GOOD). That was nice. I fell asleep too and slept for an hour. Little did I know that Griffin had woke up about a half hour after I put him down and my mom played with him and let Jason and I sleep. We stayed there for dinner then went home around 8. Jason and I watched some Australia (we didn't finish and still haven't) and while we were sitting there he remembered that he and Griffin had gotten me a present. It was a garage door opener. A really nice one. 

Griffin and Jason in the pool
The place settings that my sister arranged. She made a basket for all the mamas there that coordinated with some flowers. Mine were yellow because she knows my fave is vanilla so she got me a mini vanilla candle, spray, amber romance lotion and a pink notepad. She's the best!