Monday, April 27, 2009

Smallish Update

We are living in our new house now. It's a mess. But we love it. We started living here around the second week of April. Our closing was supposed to happen March 31st, but it didn't close until April 7th which was frustrating for us. Jason's brother had come into town to help us ready our new home, but since we didn't get the keys until days after he left, nothing got done. So, when we finally did move in, it was left up to Jason and I to remedy the house by ourselves. The first thing we did was rip out all of the carpet downstairs (minus the guest room) and remove all the floor boards which took longer than I thought it would. We then painted the front room. However, this was all done a weekend night when we had a sitter and throughout the week, we hardly got anything done because 1. Jason has to work all day and 2. Griffin doesn't like work and I don't blame him, so I'm not exactly cranking out the work myself. Then we ordered our hardwood floors which was the first step to making this house our home. Jason's parents, his sister Jessica and his littlest brother Ryan, drove out from Utah last last Thursday to help us get the ball rolling and to of course see the house and visit us. Nick flew out from Long Beach as well, so we had a lot of help! Putting in the hardwood floors took way longer than anticipated even with 5 men helping. And they still are not done. What is done though is the painting of the important places. Jason's dad, brother and Jason too, painted the entire downstairs minus the guest room and bath. I was THRILLED. We got a washer and dryer, and a really nice fridge. Jason painted the laundry room so I could get some laundry goin and the fridge is plugged in the garage till we get the floor done, which I am fine with. At least we don't have to live out of a cooler! Anyway, I have much more to update about, but right now Griffin is finishing up breakfast, so I won't be able to go into much more. And also soon, I hope to do a post all about Griffin. He is talking so much and acting like a big boy more than ever. He has even expressed an interest in potty training and we aren't even into the Terribe Twos yet, but I feel they are just around the corner. Anywho, I will be back later. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, your husband is awesome! I'm glad you are loving your house and loving making it your own. :)

Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

awesome!!!! i wanna see pics girl!!!