Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Energy Juice

Okay so when I woke up this morning I must admit I felt like death. I felt like whyyyyyy does Griffin have to wake up so early? It was 7:36 a.m. That's actually not so bad. He must have been crying for a while because I was dreaming that an alarm was going off and I kept pressing snooze. So I immediately took him downstairs, gave him a warm bah-bah, and put on Thomas and the Magic Railroad. I lay down beside him on the couch and closed my eyes. Then the coughing began. I already have the sore throat from hell, and when I went to the doc yesterday I did not have a cold. But the doctor said all I had was a viral infection so even though I felt as though I was swallowing razor blades all day and at any given moment if I closed my eyes I would fall asleep, there was absolutely nothing he could do for me. And I had to wait for an hour and fifteen minutes (with Griffin) to hear him say that he was real sorry I felt crappy but I should just take some Advil and Sudafed and play with my son because he is real cute. I hate to be the person that goes to the doctor for just a dumb reason, but I honestly thought I had strep throat. Oh well, at least that is ruled out.  So I made myself a double throat coat tea, took some Sudafed, sat up and held my son while he drank his bah-bah. Then it dawned on me. 
I remembered that I had one of these bad boys in the fridge. See I don't typically drink any other energy drink besides Red Bull. And I always get Sugar Free Red Bull. But when I drink a regular Red Bull, it tastes too sweet for me. Then I saw that Tiburon swears by her Lo-Carb Monster, so I decided to give it a try. I must say that I wasn't wooed. But when I saw this one has juice in it, I was tempted because I am a juice head. And guess what? I LOVED IT. Now it's a treat of course because it's not low carb or sugar free. But it was awesome and it pepped me up. I have still been feeling on the blah side today and if I don't constantly medicate myself (like in the middle of the night) then I feel horrrrible. But I have gotten a lot done today and I was not even tempted to take a nap. I want another now! But...I'll hold off. Ahhhhh. 


Anonymous said...

I should probably try that one of these days... but meh. I'm not busy enough or a mom enough :)

Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

That is awesome you liked it! Feel better soon!!!