Monday, February 16, 2009


Well this weekend was crazy/good all at once. Friday we celebrated Valentine's Day. We wanted to dress up and have a nice dinner, but we failed kinda. I dressed up cute, wore a dress with a cardigan, but it was freeeeezing outside! We first went to Oregano's in Gilbert, but the wait was too long and it was too cold to wait outside. Then we went to Olive Garden-too long, and Longhorn-too long, so we were forced to just pick something already so we chose Bravi. I knew it would be a long wait where ever we went, and I thought I could just wait it out, but I couldn't. Jason had to work the next morning and we really wanted to catch a movie since it had been over 2 months since we had been to a theatre, and did I mention it was super cold (for Arizona) outside? Bravi's slogan is Pizza-Pasta-Panini and it's kinda nice, kinda fast foodish. You order at a cash register, sit down and they bring it to you. Mine was just okay. I haven't been able to taste lately so that probably had something to do with it. 
Jason said I could pick the movie and I really had my heart set on He's Just Not That Into You. It started at 9:40 though and that was a bit late. The only one that started earlier was Mall Cop and I wasn't feelin' it. So we went home first, visited our baby for a moment who was in the tub, and then changed our clothes. I was just too cold, and if you know me, that doesn't happen very often, so I have to put a sweater to good use. We still had over an hour before the movie started, so we hung in our room. I watched HGTV, Jason took a nap. Yes, we are old. Went to the movie, were home by 12 and that's that. I really liked it. I am going to see it again on Wednesday with Courtney. 
Saturday was supposed to be my lazy sleep in day, but I decided to do nice things for other people instead. I woke up at 8:30 and put the car seat in my mom's car so she could take Griffin to CJ's softball game with her. I watched Griffin a little before they left, and then she said I could go back to sleep, but instead I drove over to Cooper/Ray to pay a visit. Courtney was at work there, and she had had a terrible night, not to mention she was having boy issues and it was Valentine's Day. So I decided to put a balloon and card and candy on her car. She would be mucho surprised when she walked out later. Then I went to Costco to get a V-Day gift for Jason. We don't normally do anything big on this day, but I knew he would get me flowers and a card and mushy stuff, so instead of spending 20 bucks on something pink and red for him, I bought him a cool book instead. He was surprised. Plus we were out of baby wipes. 
When I got home, Griffin had been taking a nap and then when he woke up, he and I hung out and played and watched Thomas while we let Daddy take a nap. A three hour long nap. He needed it, he had been working hard last week. When he woke up, we just hung out. My mom and her husband went out to see Slumdog Millionaire and eat dinner. I made a great dinner for V-Day. Oh yeah, frozen taquitos and leftover pasta. I'm a real gem. But I know Jason didn't mind. I was going to order the heart shaped pizza from Papa John's but we both just weren't that hungry. Courtney came over and we just chilled and talked. Jason and I had champagne. Courtney left around 11. It was a good laid back night. 
Sunday morning we met our realtor. We went and saw several homes and we re-visited one. We decided to put an offer on it. There is a lot of details to work out. I am completely overwhelmed by all of it. I am also very sick. I have been sick for a while now but nothing major. Yesterday we were hanging at my sister's house and I started feeling like crap really bad. I couldn't stop coughing. I did a breathing treatment last night but it didn't really work well. Griffin did not sleep all night, and I did not sleep all night even though I had taken Tylenol Nighttime Cold medicine and some Nyquil. Today has been bad too. The fax is retarded, nothing is signed, couldn't get Grif down til 2 hours past nap, but at least the fridge got fixed today. Now you know all of what is going on, or at least the major parts, so I am going to lay down now I guess. I hope. 

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