Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesdays with Austin

On Tuesdays I watch Austin for my friend Courtney. I've known both of them for a long time, since Austin was born 4 years ago. So, when Austin comes over, it's as if I have two of my own children. Griffin wants to do everything that Austin does, except the good stuff. Griff still wants to be naughty, he doesn't understand when Austin tries to show him how to behave. Austin has his downfalls too. He doesn't want "Baby Griffin" to touch any of his stuff or get too close to him. Every week Austin brings something different to our house, but he will not share it with Baby Griffin. This week he brought his racing helmet, two bags of snacks, his blankie, and a water bottle half filled with Gatorade. These are his precious possessions. Griffin will try anything to get a hold of that helmet. It's his mission for today. Austin can also be a bit bossy, even when he thinks he is helping. It's his 4 year old state of mind, so I don't get too snappy at him, but I still have to tell him at least 6 times a day not to yell at Baby Griffin. Still, I have yet to put Austin in a time out or even warn him of one. But when Courtney comes to pick him up, he gives her major lip and furrows his brow so hard, that not even Jason, Austin's muse, can cheer him up. I love it when Jason gets home from work because he plays with Austin in a way that I can't. This includes lots of throwing, jumping, running and play fighting that I couldn't even begin to imitate the way that Jason plays. I like having Austin around because he talks to me a lot, about silly things or serious things, he shows Griffin how to hold a spoon or ride his tricycle, and then at the beginning and the end of the day I get to see Courtney. She isn't usually very sunny, because she had to go to work, and it's kind of stressful at that place, but still I enjoy Tuesdays. I get lots of laundry done too, which is a bonus. I gotta keep on my feet with two little boys to look after. They are turning into best friends:

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Ben and Kathy said...

It's great that he has a buddy. I fully understand how the dads are more fun to be around. I don't rough house with my kids or whisker rubs. For some odd reason I don't have any whiskers (honestly I'm happy I don't. I know some moms that do).