Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I will Survive

So far my cold isn't full blown and I'm eternally grateful for that. But if not for these items, then I would be one sad mama. 

So I can sleep, 'cause I keep coughing!
Because I keep coughing!
The only thing that soothes a sore throat

So I can open up my eyes

I'm knocking on wood!


Ben and Kathy said...

Don't worry I bet it wont take Griffin to long to learn the trick with the eyelid to wake you up. I taught my kids to kiss their daddy to wake him up. It also trained their daddy to wake up to little kisses. No he doesn't wake up to my kisses. Also no they don't wake me up that way.

Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

that sucks. try rubbing vicks vapor rub on your feet and then put socks on your feet. i know it sounds weird but i heard it works really well! and yeah we were pretty healthy but we did have krispy kremes! HAHAHAH

tiburon said...

That was my week last week too. Except no tea - and Lo Carb Monster instead of Red Bull ;)