Friday, January 30, 2009

Tell Me!

You might have noticed but I'm guessing you didn't that I put a poll on the sidebar of my blog. I want your opinions. Since the poll doesn't let you elaborate on your answer, I want you to tell me  here. If you could plan your next pregnancy, which month would be ideal for you to get pregnant and why? Obviously, I am going to plan as best as I can, although I know it is up to Mother Nature when it will actually happen. The poll ends in March, because that's when we will get insurance and I will be able to try, if I want to. I am already planning on taking my prenatals and B vitamins and Calcium early, but do you think there is anything else I can do to prepare my body for pregnancy? Should I lose weight first if I need to? Not because I want to lose weight because I always want to, but because I need to. I am happy that I will be able to plan this baby, and I am also excited. 

P.S. For my readers out there who do not have a Blogger account, that's you Aunt Lori and Mom, you can still leave a comment. Just click on the comments link on the bottom of my post and it is very self-explanatory. 


Jamilyn said...

I have no clue on when would be best to start trying...I say if you are ready to have a soon as the insurance kicks in...don't stop trying! lol

Now, on the weight thingy...I was told by my doctor to loose weight if I want to get knocked up (and that me being a lot larger than I was when I conceived a big factor in why I'm probably not getting preggo) say...if you are still about the same size as you were when you conceived and gave birth to Griffin, then you should be ok...

I, on the other hand, have been on a diet all week...I've already lost close to 10 lbs...I can't wait until I get preggo! I hope this is the year!!!!!

Good luck my dear!!

Ben and Kathy said...

As you know I'm almost at the end of my third pregnancy. I have an August, April and soon to be February. My favorite month to have the child born is April. Then I'm preggo during the cold months. I don't have to bundle up as much, because I'm roasting already. It's a lot easier to put layers on than to take them off.
I never had a problem with getting pregnant. I'll admit during my pregnancy it's easier on me (mentally) during because then I don't feel like a cow as much.

Lyssa said...

March conception brings a December baby. Do you want your baby's birthday to be around Christmas? As for the weight thing obviously the healthier you are the better, but don't stress over it.