Friday, January 30, 2009

Custom Glam Girl

Okay so I have one more post for today, probably. This one, about this site:  I like this custom site. It's where I got my Mrs. Golding shirt for my honeymoon. I wear that shirt ALL the time. It's so comfortable and I really like t-shirts. I also got one from one of their Sample Sales, seen below. You pay $3.99 plus shipping and they send you something totally random, but you get to pick the size. I got a navy blue tee that says Shuford Racing on it, and I love that one too. So, I hope that if I do that again, I will get another tee and not a tank top because I don't like those as much. 

Then I saw this gem. This bag is so cute to me. It comes in khaki but you get to pick the ink color for the custom word. It's on sale for $4.99. BUT what word would I put on it? I don't have a cool nickname or anything like that. I want that bag, but I think it would look silly with just Regan written on it. THEN....

They also have this one on sale for $4.99 and it comes in either hot pink or baby pink. Cute! But I have the same problem with it. I'm think maybe something cutesie like j'taime or some other language or I just don't know. Or maybe I can put my future baby girl's name on it. Psycho? A little.

Anyway, just thought I would share with the blog.


Jamilyn said...
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Jamilyn said...

You should get one that says..."Meagan Goldie" on it! lol

And I'll get one that just says "Awesome"...cause that's my fave word right now...and because...I'm just that awesome!

LOL...(dorky is me...I know this!)