Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nobody Said It Was Easy. Nobody Said It Was Going To Be This Hard.

I'm not doing Christmas Cards this year. I never do. Maybe next year but NOT this year. Although, I do have Christmas stamps. Why? I don't even know. 

I don't decorate for Christmas like I would like to. I mean anyway it doesn't matter because I don't even have a house or an apartment to decorate anyhow. I have a room. No one sees that room except Jason and I, and sometimes Courtney and Griffin. Wahoo.

I don't have matching stockings. I don't care. One day but NOT today. 

I have really good ideas about what to get people for Christmas, but I can't afford hardly any of it. 

You know how people say that Christmas isn't really about the presents? Well, they're right, however it never works that way. I can name some people who might be a little POed that they didn't receive a gift from me or my family. I can tell my family that they might not be gettin' much this year, but they still expect a thoughtful something. Well what if all of my thoughts are used up? They are dead. My brain cells are fried. I'm done. Wake me up New Year's Eve. 
I hope New Year's Eve is fun. 

I just got done eating chips and salsa for lunch. It was the most fantastic part of my day. Thanks Mom and Chris for keeping that kind of stuff around. 

And you know what? I DON'T think Jennifer Aniston deserves the moniker "Maniston". I think whomever calls her that is just jealous. I mean, she seems it have it all. Including a life. 

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