Friday, October 3, 2008

Haunted Conference Weekend? (:

My awesome mother-in-law told me that it always rains on Conference Weekend. Well then, Conference, you and me can be friends after all. But I'm still not watching, even if Bingo and candy bars are involved. Just because I live in Utah right now does not make me watch that okay? But you better live up to your expectations and rain, or least get very cloudy. I'm depending on gloomy weather to make me feel good. It may seem topsy turvy, but I love the dark skies. And what perfect weather to go out to haunted houses?! Utah has the best haunted houses. Arizona just doesn't know what they're missing out on. 
Above, you will see just some of the wonderful examples of Autumn in Provo. And of course a shout out to the Haunted Forest which has always been my favorite and some other scary looking place in Utah County. I LOVE haunted houses, and I will dedicate my blog to them this month!

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Dave said...

Well I've been told that it has been raining all morning, so it looks like you got your wish!