Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4th Photo Tag

I got tagged! I have never been tagged before. I got tagged by my friend Jamilyn. Thanks Jami!

Okay, so you were suppose to pick the fourth file in your photo files and then pick the fourth photo. 

Well in my Mac, which is fairly new, the files are called events. So I chose the 4th event, which is actually just a bunch of pictures taken on the same day, and this is what came up. It doesn't surprise me that it is a picture of Griffin, because ever since I got my digital camera, that kid has a camera in his face daily. The funny part though, is why did I even keep this one? He's not really doing anything, and his eyes are closed. But he is smiling and that's cute. I remember taking this because I had just bought those feeder things as you can see in the pic, that you stick food in and they suck it through the netting, anywho, this is the product of the fourth file fourth foto (I had to spell it with an F). 
Now I get to tag someone! And I tag Kelly, my sister and Dave Sallay. 

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